The Amazing Spider-Man Concept art… Was It Really Leaked?

by on November 30, 2011

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The Lizard concept art from The Amazing Spider-ManHave you seen the latest press release of promo art of The Amazing Spider-Man?  (That’s a mini version of it to the left.)

As movies go about the business (<- notice that word) of making movies, they have to keep the bottom line in mind.  Part of that bottom line isn’t just settling the debt of the box office, but in how much they spend on a movie and how they market the upcoming movie.

I recently got a taste of how much they spend making movies when Fox 2000 Pictures showed up here in Palo Alto in The Peninsula to film a 2 minute scene for Of Men and Mavericks.  It took them TEN hours for a two minute piece of a larger movie.  Gads!

Marketing, the beast designed to whet the appetites of the established fan base and to bring awareness to those who actually don’t know about the project.

The latest marketing spin is the supposed concept art of The Lizard, a character of which we’ll see in the upcoming Peter Parker movie reboot called The Amazing Spider-Man due out in July of 2012.

It’s being directed by Marc Webb off a screenplay sribed up by the team of Alvin Sargent, Steve Kloves & James Vanderbilt.

Webb’s resume includes (500) Days of Summer and some other stuff that apparently didn’t make it on too many folks radar.  Sargent’s writing resume includes… huh… imagine that…  Spider-Man 2 & Spider-Man 3.  Kloves’ experience includes the eight Harry Potter movies.  Vanderbilt: The Losers, Zodiac, & The Rundown. (OK, guilty pleasure movie of mine… The Rundown!)

Primary cast includes Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone.

So even though fans had issues with the previous Sam Raimi Spidey movies, the screenplay writer from the 2nd and 3rd.. the more bashed on movies, was hired.  How’d that work out?  That’s like how weathermen, who can’t predict the weather that well, continually getting hired!

ANd we match up with the Raimi-Spider-Man writer, with the Harry Potter & a semi-so-so action writer, and their work given over to a semi-fresh director whose big hit was a romantic comedy?

If there are any auto mechanics in the readership here, can anyone tell me what happens when more than one mechanic works on the same engine?   Is anyone else worried about this?

This conglomerate of a creative team has me very un-enthused about the movie.  It’s sending out warning bells for me, that’s for sure.  But the previous trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man that came out seems intense.

But then again, that’s marketing. A tool designed to create sales.  Anyone remember Hanna or Drive?  Yea. Classic examples of hard-core marketing.

This is marketing, and the term “leaked” just makes the new image feel that much more special!

And I’m not even going to touch on how it’s way too soon for a reboot…  that’s for an entirely different vent.  Like how WB wants to reboot Batman after Chirstopher Nolan’s films are done.  Yeesh.

If you want to check out the latest full-sized leaked promo, I mean concept art, which never translates any way, you can check out thinkmcflythink: lizard-concept-art, but beware.  You need a tolerance for language.  They call ’em as they see them.

Or hit this link for a google search:

Either way… thanks for coming by!

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