‘The Avengers’ Is Destroying the Foreign Box Office

by on April 29, 2012

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The Avengers, from Joss Whedon, movie logo

The Joss Whedon directed (& written) movie, The Avengers, is stomping the overseas box office arena, setting various records in the international arena of movie theaters.  Check it out:

It opened as the number 1 movie in all 39 foreign territories that it opened in.  In each country, the movie took accolades in various categories…

  • Latin America: Biggest opening ever.
  • U.K.: Biggest opening superhero movie ever.
  • Australia: Second biggest opening ever.
  • Hong Kong, Phillippines and Taiwan: Biggest movie opening ever.
  • India:  Third best opening for a Western film

Thor in The Avengers

The Avengers finally opens here in the U.S. this Friday, on May 4th, 2012,  as well as China and Russia.  (Where I’m expecting even more big bucks to roll in from internationally.)

I feel sorry for the Japanese…  they have to wait until August for the movie to premiere there while suffering headlines from around the world.  Gads, that must suck.  I hate it that we’re watching news of the movie opening other places this weekend!!!  There has got to be a better system than that, to get a movie out almost at the same time around the world.  Especially one like this where it’s obvious everyone is flocking to go see it.

But then again, maybe the studio wants to generate huge interest there first, since movie tickets in Japan, on average, cost $21 a pop.  (Overseas Movie Ticket Prices )

The movie stars a huge collective of eye candy (since it’s tracking pretty strongly with the female market),  and stars

Chris Evans,
Chris Hemsworth,
Clark Gregg,
Cobie Smulders,
Jeremy Renner,
Mark Ruffalo,
Paul Bettany,
Robert Downey Jr.,
Samuel L Jackson,
Scarlett Johansson,
Stellan Skarsgård, &
Tom Hiddleston.

Iorn Man in The AvengersI’ll see you guys at the movie theater, if I can get a ticket!!!

And keep your eyes peeled… a few opinionated pieces on Joss Whedon and this other other projects are coming your way, for the next few mornings.  I had some things to say over the weekend, but didn’t want to spout all in one bit splatter of posts, so I set their “egg timers” to go off in the morning.

The movie has pulled in over $178M internationally, but I didn’t focus on the numbers because ticket prices are slightly different in other markets than here in the U.S..[THR]

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