THE AVENGERS Is Going To Be Filmed in 3D

by on August 11, 2010

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The Avengers from Marvel Studios

UPDATE 5-2-2012: This turned out to be BOGUS information. Boo on Showbiz 411 for reporting this and double boo for them never updating or correcting their article (at least when I just last checked)…. And boo on me for believing them too! Just boo.

Despite the general public opinion on 3D, it seems that Marvel will be filming The Avengers in 3D. Now if I take it literally, it seems that the project will be filmed in 3D and not post-processed. (They still don’t get that we’re less the fan of post-processed 3D than we are of real 3D.)

The Avengers is directed by Joss Whedon and stars

  • Chris Evans,
  • Chris Hemsworth,
  • Mark Ruffalo,
  • Robert Downey Jr.,
  • Samuel L. Jackson,
  • Scarlett Johansson,


I would think that despite the 50+ odd 3D movies coming out in the next 2 years, that despite plans, studios would heed that we don’t really want 3D. At least not in its present state of technology. But despite what we’re saying, we’re still finding more movies coming to 3D or now home TV sets that are 3D. Dudes, we don’t want it! Do we? I don’t think we do, but heck, I could be wrong. If enough people keep dabbling in 3D viewing experiences, the studios will make enough to keep putting out these 3rd dimensional movie experiences.

[Showbiz 411]

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