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The Hulk in The Avengers

So I saw Joss Whedon’s The Avengers today (Opening day on Friday, May 4th) and as this was the culmination of all the previous Marvel movies to date as the characters from those movies come together to face off against a global alien threat.  Facing off against Loki and his alien minions are The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, & Captain America.

And wow, what a fun movie this was. (My meager movie review)

First up was how fluid it was for all of our characters to meet and have a mild form of conflict in their initial contacts.  The confrontations seemed mature and pointed.  And then coming together to work as a team also felt like a great, fluid plot flow… not forced, not pulled out of the air.  You’ve seen it… where things occur in a movie and you find yourself pondering how that came together!

But there were some moments that were awesome, surprising and depressing, and here, is where I chat about them.

spoilers warning


Agent Coulson

Clark Gregg in 'The Avengers'I got a total kick out of Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg) this time around.  From Stark being confused and saying his first name is Agent, to Whedon making Coulson a fan boy of Captain America (Chris Evans) was precious.  Or as the Visa ads go, “priceless!”

And then, after seeing the human side of his personality, to see Loki skewer him from behind was a devastating development.  Serious?

Tony Stark/Iron Man

Robert Downey Jr. in 'The Avengers'Tony Stark’s snarky wit was on-mark and it was hilarious how many different names he managed to call Loki.  I didn’t think to count how many movie references we could have pulled out of Stark’s name-calling of Loki.

There’s been internet chatter about somewhere down the road, someone else being cast as Iron Man… egads, that could very well be a sad day for fans.  Robert Downey Jr. is the perfect Tony Stark.

Psst:  So tell me, do you think they even put makeup onGwyneth Paltrow?  I mean it wasn’t a bad look, but I was surprised how unmade they made her look.  GOOD JOB!

The Biggest Surprise

Aside from Coulson’s death, the next biggest surprise was the huge character developments for the Hulk.  And they were perfectly executed which just added to the level of humor and moments of cheering to the movie.

Mark Ruffalo in 'The Avengers'I love Mark Ruffalo having taken over the role. When Norton played the Hulk and insisted on his own rewrites and was allegedly pretty difficult to work with, I wasn’t surprised when they swapped out for a new actor.  And I’m glad no one was around insisting on rewrites of the Joss Whedon script.  Plus I have to wonder how Norton is feeling now, not being a part of one of the better roles in the movie or being part of the huge, biggest box office record breaker to date!?

What Whedon did with Bruce Banner/Hulk, was incredible.

Through most of the movie, we thought we were watching the classic template for the Hulk… You know the drill:  “Don’t get him angry, you wouldn’t like him when he’s angry.”

The Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) in 'The Avengers'And as the last part of the movie kicks in gear, and Bruce Banner shows up and they ask him how he’s going to change, he turns and starts walking towards ONE OF THE leviathans (oh yes, there’s more than one) and says something to the effect, “I don’t get angry because I’ve always been angry,” then he willingly morphs into the big green guy and goes after the big flying snake thing.

That was an amazing jaw dropper of a development and so awesome to see.

I think we were just shown that Banner has always had control over the Hulk except in times of extreme emotional changes.  I like this new Hulk.

Of course there was his awesome hand-to-hand scuffle with Thor (Chris Hemsworth), showing us just how powerful they both are.

And I loved that one cheap shot side-punch Hulk took on Thor when almost all was said and done.  I keep chuckling out loud when I think of that.

I have to say, knowing this about the Hulk will give the movie a different feel and something to keep an eye on in repeated viewings.

I loved seeing Col Fury (Samuel Jackson) finally in action.

The Saddest Part of the Movie?

For me Agent Coulson has become a staple of the Marvel movies but as we see in this movie, he’s quite human and quite vulnerable to getting skewered by Loki (Hiddleston).


Coulson’s Death

Coulson had an odd death…  He didn’t slump over when life ebbed out of his body.  He just seemed to stop.

I only say this because near the beginning of the movie when Coulson calls Tony Stark, Stark answers the phone pretending to be his own Life Model Decoy (LMD).  I have to wonder if there’s a connection.  I’d like there to be, that’s for sure because I would sorely miss Coulson’s presence in any future Marvel movie.

Loki Disowned

LOL:  Thor trying to stick to supporting family and then being told Loki killed so many folks in two days, then Thor quickly admitting he was adopted….

Loki’s Hilarious, Funny-Ass Beat Down

Tom Hiddleston as Loki in 'The Avengers'OK, probably one of the heartiest laughs I’ve ever had in any movie EVER, was when Hulk faced off with Loki and Loki stops to say he can’t be messed with because he’s a god.  And for a moment I’m thinking, Oh crap, how what is he going to do now.

What happens after that was the best beat down ever put on any bad guy in any film, ever.  (Didn’t see it coming)

Hulk said something when he walked away but with the entire audience splitting ribs, we missed what he said, though I think it was something like “Puny God.

Alexis Denisof

For Whedonverse fans, the idea of Alexis Denisof being in the movie seemed like great news.  But his role of that being “The Other,” he was an alien.  And according to sources, he was in the bonus “credits” scene, but being an alien, I didn’t catch it that I could prove to myself it was him!  Turns out “The Other” was also looking to lead his warriors through a portal to Earth, so we had more than the closing credits to see him.  But he was CGI’d up and unrecognizable.  But glad to see him having fun with Joss.

Those Closing Credits Scenes

Thanos in 'Avengers 2'Don’t know about you, but seeing Thanos in the mid-credits scene was awesome.  Awesome in it’s portent… Knowing that this big purple guy is coming and this is going to take not only the heroes we saw today, but probably even more new Marvel characters.

Not that I know these details, but maybe the movie rights that kept characters like Wolverine or Spider-Man out of this film, may return to Marvel/Disney and we might get to see them in the next film.

But food for thought… most credits teasers have been for the next movie from Marvel, not the next movie of the character franchise the teaser is in.  So with that said, Captain America is the next sequel scheduled to play in theaters, and then Thor.  I’d think that Thanos is more for the next Avengers, considering what he said in the credits scene.

The 2nd Closing Credits Scene

In the end of the film, Tony Stark is raving to The Avengers about a great Shawarma restaurant down the street that they should hit up, once they get their task done.

The 2nd closing scene, which shows up after all the credits, is the gang, all sitting around a small table at this hole-in-the-wall Shawarma place, chowing down in silence.  They deserved it.  And that was it… a quiet scene of The Avengers chowing down.  It was pretty funny.

What did you guys like or see from The Avengers?  Please feel free to share here.

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