The Avengers Will Film in New Mexico, But…

by on January 18, 2011

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Joss Whedon is taking the ensemble from The Avengers and filming in and around Albuquerque, NM.  Don’t worry… if you’ve ever been there you know there are plenty of places that can double for New York… more or less.  But there will also be some additional scene shoots that will take place in and around New York City & Michigan too.

But a late developing scenario was taking place that looked like the idea of filming The Avengers in New Mexico was being threatened.

One of the draws to heading to NM was the huge 25% tax rebate incentives.  But representative Dennis J. Kintigh had been heralding a bill that would eliminate the tax incentives.  That seems to have floundered but NM Governor Susana Mertinez, looking at every penny to pinch and/or make, is lookign to cut the tax incentive to 15%.

Be as it may, Joss Whedon and crew are headed to NM…  maybe they’ve locked in their tax rates so it doesn’t matter.

But heck, is filming something like The Avengers on location, with all the monies spent on such, not such a lucrative business appeal anymore, for a state to consider reducing their tax incentives?  Eh, that’s not my department.

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