The Biggest Loser 2010 Season 10 Finale Recap & Winner

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The Biggest Loser Finale recap & Winner

The Biggest Loser started and they did a bit of a recap and then introduced Ada, who stood next to her own trick projected version of herself when she first arrived at the ranch. She touched on how she and her parents hvae reconciled her differences with the perspectives we learned about from day one.

Elizabeth came out on stage and talked about making a lifestyle change in continuing to maintain what she’s gained and learned from her time at the ranch. If you remember, when she went home pre-finale, she instantly moved in with her boyfriend.

The two of them were on stage to learn who America had voted to continue on & Ada won the vote “overwhelmingly.”

Then they chatted with the trainers, then started with the at-home contestants weigh-ins for that $100k prize. We’ve also been told the new trainers for next season are in the house, who I presume, one of them will be the replacement for Jillian when she leaves The Biggest Loser. One’s a Golden Gloves boxer, the other is a martial artist.

For the $100k at-home win, Elizabeth weighed in, having lost a total of 29% of her original starting weight. Adam, whose looking pretty sleek, lost 45.3%. This put him on the podium as the potential at-home winner. Allie lost almost 23%, Tina 27.4%. Brendan weighed in, losing 117 lbs, or 32% of his original weight. Sophia lost 23.9%, Lisa lost 33.7% & Anna lost 109 lbs or 33%.

Jesse came on stage and it looked like he was going to dethrone Adam’s 45% weight loss. Jesse lost 166 lbs, 44.99%, but was 1 lb short of dethroning Adam. Burgandy had some words of advice for the audience about how folks need to stop making excuses, get out there and exercise. She lost 27% of her original weight.

Then Rick came and took the podium after losing 165 lbs, knocking Adam from the podium with his 47.14% weight loss. “Not bad for an old man.” Jessica lost 32% while Aaron lost almost 37%.

Then Mark came out and it looked like he could very well give Rick a run for his money… he said he had a tough time with the weight regime at first when he went home. He got help from some of the Biggest Loser alumni from various seasons in his work towards this final weigh-in for the at-home prize.

Mark weighed in, having lost 213 lbs or 50.5% of his original weight and won the $100k at-home prize.

Down to the Final Three

The Biggest Loser

Patrick, visually, looked like he was going to give Ada and Frado a run for their money. He sounds happy, he’s found himself a job in So. Carolina helping overweight kids.

Frado had the choice of who weighs when, he picked himself first, Ada then Patrick as the order for the weigh-ins.

Frado, starting at 367, lost 44.14% of his original weight; Ada started at 258 lbs, lost 38.37% of her weight, but the winner, Patrick, stepped up to the task, having lost 181 pounds from his 400 lb starting weight, or just over 45% of his original weight.

Patrick won The Biggest Loser and took home the $250k top prize. This was an amazing and emotional win. He came into this contest with no job and walked away with his life totally changed and a new lifestyle to stay healthy.

Good for him. Good for everyone who did good jobs at fixing their situations.

The next season of The Biggest Loser is in three weeks and it’s couples/teams. They’ve previewed some of the contestants but they never showed us the new trainers yet. The contestants will have choices about who to train with… Bob & Jillian in a gym or take a chance with the new trainers, out in some unknown location that may be a run-down shack! I wasn’t impressed with the lack of new info on the new trainers, but presuming one of these will be the replacement for Jillian when she leaves the show after the end of next season, I’d think they let us see more.

Eh, see you next season!

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