The Biggest Loser, Season 12 Season Finale and Winners

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The Biggest Loser season 12: Battle of the Ages

The season finale of The Biggest Loser has pulled in another group of folks who needed help losing a huge amount of weight in a short period of time.  It was the usual,  where some folk started out the season between 350 and 450 pounds.

Through it all, we watched the seasoned Bob Harper drive contestants through their paces, while new new trainers Dolvett Quince and Anna Kournikova did their parts too.  Alison Sweeney was the host for this 12th season of The Biggest Loser.

Bob and Dolvett seemed to be pretty popular but Anna apparently had some scenarios going on and won’t be returning next season. (Anna Kournikova is Leaving The Biggest Loser)


Tonight on the 12th season finale of The Biggest Loser, the first hour started out with the at-home contestants… those who were slowly but surely, voted off throughout the season.

The at-home contestants were weighing in to see who will stand on the scale for the ‘At home’ $100k prize.  How hard did they work at it, after they were sent home?

Here’s the list of at-home contestants, with their name (weight lost/ending weight.)

  • Johnny: 97 / 231.
  • Becky:  88 / 150
  • Jessica 80 / 174  (Updated us that all is going well with Ramone, but no engagement yet.   They’re just starting their lives together.)

  • Courtney 87 / 183
  • Bonnie  77 / 177
  • Sunny 106 / 171

The weight loss diff is less than 1% between Sunny and Patrick, as Patrick moved on the semi-final weigh-in.

  • Debbie 33 / 206
  • Coach Mike 86 / 223
  • Papa Joe 133 / 215

Jennifer moved on to the weigh-in.

Vinnie (They showed a pick of Vinnie before the show, then Dolvett walked up behind Vinnie wearing the same overalls from that picture… swimming in them.)

With these final three at-home competitors…

Patrick weighed in first, starting at 387, his current weight is 236, losing 151 pounds.  (39.02% weight loss.)  That’s an awesome number.

Jennifer, starting at 330, lost 145 pounds for an ending weight of 185.  (43.94% loss, putting her in the lead over Patrick.)

Vinnie stepped on the scale, looking pretty trim.  Starting weight was 426, and he lost 184, for 242 pound final weight.

It was not enough to beat Jennifer and she won the $100k take-home prize.


With the first hour up, the second hour brought us the three finalists of the season of The Biggest Loser.

Ramon (started at 355 lbs) we watched him battle his way through the season,  and even finding love in one of the other competitors (Jessica), he was quite the journey to watch, as he realized he wanted to stop killing himself with his old lifestyle.

He lit up and worked the audience.  He said he and Jessica are two young and hot folks in love.  His dad has lost over 85 pounds from the info that Ramon has taught him.

Alison called out The Bachelor, noting their show has had more successful relationships than they have had.

Alison also read a thank you letter from Ramon’s mother, reading her words of appreciation for all they’ve done for Ramon.  It was pretty touching.

Antone (started at 447 lbs,) the recap showed this former NFL player’s journey through the season.

He credited Bob and his driven training method for helping get where he is today.  He touted how he can now do anything his his family, his kids, rather than sit on the bench and watch.

John started at 445 lbs.  And he drove hard through the entire season.  You can tell he wanted this.  It looked like he wanted this more than the others.  (We know that’s not true, but he sure telegraphed it louder!)

He had game-play and pushed through the challenges.  He said, “I am a beast and this is how I get it done.”

He tied the record for the fastest first 100 pounds lost in the show.  He said he was driven by knowing his wife was playing the role of a single parent while he was at The Biggest Loser ranch, and he thanked her, from the bottom of his heart.

Whoa, next season they have a guy that looks like Santa…and the preview was hilarious… “Oh my god, did I kill Santa?” (A Bob soundbyte)…  Next season, the twist is the “No Excuse Zone!”

Hmm, there were a lot of barf buckets but the big thing is that there will be no partners, it will be each one versus all.

But now, on to the final weigh in…

Ramon comes out… and you know what, whether he wins or not, he has the potential to be an energetic, fantastic spokesperson for The Biggest Loser.

Upon first look, it’s hard to figure out who will take this… but the network was busy, catching and blanking out a few questionable words as Ramon said “Holy s!”  LOL.

Dr H. came out and noted that each of them had severe fatty hepatitis that is now gone.  Their livers shrunk 25% (that’s a good thing.)  He said that for two of them, their diabetes is gone, if they maintain their present course of lifestyle.

These three guys together, represented about 15% total body fat, a record for The Biggest Loser.  And they all did look great, compared to their starting points.  They all gained “54 years” of body life, getting rid of their excess weight.

John picked the order… setting Ramon to go first.  Then Antone, then himself.

Ramon:  Started at 355, Current: 201, -154 or 43.38% weight lost!

Needing to lose more than 193 lbs,
Antone:  Started at 447, Current: 245, -202, 45.19%.

Then John came up… needing to lose 201 pounds to win,
he started at 445, current: 225, -220,

John won the $250K in the 12th cycle or season of The BIGGEST LOSER.

And I have to say, there was no loser here.  All of them did good, for themselves and by the show…..

John from The Biggest Loser

January 3rd is the next new cycle of The Biggest Loser.


At the end of the season finale of The Biggest Loser, their was a memorial note about Lane Vernardos.  He had a 30-year career with the CBS news and retired from CBS in 2000, but continued to consult for various special event series, like the live finales of Survivor and he also worked on The Apprentice and The Biggest Loser.

He passed away from a heart attack last Friday, Dec 9th, at his home in Maui, HI.

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