The Biggest Loser, Season 13 Season Premiere

by on January 3, 2012

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The Biggest Loser season 13 - No Excuses

The Biggest Loser started its 13th season, with brothers and sisters, mothers and daughters, a father and son and even a Santa and his wife.  The theme this season is “No Excuses.”

These people are ready to change their lives for the better, as they learn to eat better and make exercise a lifestyle after they spend some quality time on The Biggest Loser.

The preview of the season was intense…

Alison Sweeney greeted the new contestants outside the gates of the ranch…  man, those gates looked like the gates to Jurassic Park.  Didn’t it???

Alison then asked everyone what their excuses were… time, single mother, 13 kids, busy on the farm, an accident, emotional eater… the excuses were all there, ready to go, but Alison said that tonight, the excuses end here.  Oh boy… when Alison starts sounding tough, well, it’s going to be a tough season!

And they get their first challenge before they go through the gates, and the last place team won’t be getting on the ranch.  That’s harsh!!!

First, a 40-yard dash.  Then the 6 remaining teams that don’t move on tackle the next challenge.  Each team picked one person to do this dash.  The top-4 make it in to the ranch.

Blue, Orange, Brown and Yellow teams make it in….

The next challenge is a 40-yard dash, but there’s a puzzle to run back and forth to, to make the puzzle.

Chism from the grey team finished first… they’re in.

Then the red team (Santa and wife) are in.

Then the purple team…

Then the green team makes it in…

Now the pink and blue teams face off at the last challenge…  which is that both members of each team balance on the same barrel on the balls of their feet.  With their heels hanging off the barrels, the pink team outlasted the blue team.

The blue team is going home, but they’ll have a chance to get back in the ranch, if they lose 50 pounds in a month.

Wow, what an intense start to a Biggest Loser season!

The next day the contestants meet their two trainers…  Bob and Dolvett.

Dolvett arrives by repelling out of a helicopter and Bob drives up on a super-cool looking motorcycle.

As Bob puts it… everyone is always so excited to see them in the beginning.  And into the gym they go on Day 1… poor souls.  LOL.

Everyone there gets a free membership to Planet Fitness, The Biggest Loser‘s newest sponsor.

Everybody has their own “buckets” and some of them are using them.

Welcome to the ranch!!!

A few folk take the tumble  from that first-day exhaustion and need medical attention.  One guy didn’t even know where he was or who Bob was.  (Come on!!!  Everyone knows who Bob is!)

Then Alison comes in and announces that this season will have no partners, hence, no teams.  This upset everyone.


The rest of the episode is on par with The Biggest Loser except there with each pair having split up, they ended up being in competition with each other.  Though for some, it worked out great, where they didn’t have to fight over which trainer they were going to chose.

At the weigh in, Dovett’s red team sweeps and Bob’s black team has to pick someone to go home.

In the end, Ben “sacrificed” himself and offered himself up to be sent home.  A cop-out?  Call it what you will.  It’s disappointing to see people quit, but we all have our reasons.

Today, he’s lost 50 pounds since leaving the ranch.  Good luck to Ben with this family time and he has a stated goal of losing a total of 150 pounds!


The journey for these remaining contestants has begun, where they learn how to watch what they eat, to understand how bad most options on menus are for you these days, and that diet alone doesn’t do it, there’s a wee bit of exercise involved too!

It’s an awesome learning experience not only for the contestants, but for the viewers at home also.  That is, as long as you’re not munching on snacks while watching the show!

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