‘The Biggest Loser’ Season Finale Recap of No Excuses [5-1-12] (w/ Pics)

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The Biggest Loser - Season 13 Season Finale

After a seven month journey, it’s all boiled down to tonight’s season finale of The Biggest Loser, No Excuses.

Alison, dressed in a purple wrap sort of dress (I’m no fashion expert folks!) recapped some of the highlights from the season including working out with the First Lady and other events.  The season finale of the show is now only one hour long, so we got right down to business and cranked through the intros and weigh-ins.  It was crazy fast, but Alison kept the show on track and was bursting with excited energy throughout the entire finale.  (Brusimm Celebrity Tidbit: Did you know that Alison ran the L.A. Marathon?)

The Biggest Loser season finale, Alison Sweeney

Alison introduced everyone, in the order they were eliminated…

Ben and Mike, (Both looking good)
Lauren and Gail,
Nancy and Adrian (Adrian was wearing his ‘tude),
Roy and Daphne (Roy cut his beard way back)
Chism and Cassandra (Holy cripes, Chism does not look like the man who started the show.)
Emily and Kimmy,
Megan and Chris.

Of course the guys who abandoned the show, had broken their contracts, and were not introduced or in the lineup.

The at home gang started to weigh in for the $100k bonus to the biggest, at-home loser:

Chism lost 103 pounds, weighing 258 pounds.  He lost 28.53% from day 1.
Nancy: -56; 161. (25.81%)
Cassandra: -92; 147 (38.49%), taking the top spot from Chism.  (She’s looking good tonight)
Ben: -139 ; 257 (35.1%)
Daphne: -88; 183 (32.47%)Adrian: -108; 262 (29.19%)
Emily: -102; 162 (38.64%)  By one pound, she took the top spot from Cassandra.
Megan: -76; 183 (29.34%)
Kimmy: -71; 148 (32.42%)
Gail: -87; 235 (27.02%)
Lauren: -89; 157 (36.18%) (Did I just see her and Dolvett make eyes at each other???)
Roy: -88; 218 (28.76%)
Chris: -77; 163 (32.08%)
And the last guy to take the scale, who looks like he can take this $100k, needs to lose more than 138 to win…
Mike: -160!!!; 198 (44.69%)  He lost almost half his original body-weight.

Mike won the $100k.

Now it’s time for Conda, Jeremy and Kim…

The Biggest Loser No Excuses season finale, Jeremy

THE BIGGEST LOSER -- Season 13 Live Finale

Before they weigh in, I’m thinking it will be between Jeremy and Kim.  They all look great, but I think Jeremy or Kim could take it.  Kim, looks smoking hot.  (Each season, the show produces one seriously trimmed up, good looking contestant.   This year, Kim knocks it out of the park.

THE BIGGEST LOSER -- Season 13 Live Finale -- Pictured: Alison Sweeney, Conda Britt, Jeremy Britt, Kim Nielsen

Alison announced that Kim won the Planet Fitness Community gym.

Our three finalists weighed in:

Conda: -115; 179 (39.12%)
Jeremy: -199; 190 (51.16%), losing more than half his weight, he took the top spot.
Kim: -118; 134  (46.83%)

Jeremy Britt won The Biggest Loser, season 13 and takes home the $250k top place prize.

Congrats to Jeremy for a season and win well earned… from working it hard at each challenge, wooing the girls when he could, and that great come back when he got eliminated last week and worked/won his way back into the game against the at-home returnees!

THE BIGGEST LOSER -- Season 13 Live Finale -- Pictured: (l-r) Dolvett Quince, Winner Jeremy Britt, Alison Sweeney, Bob Harper


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