‘The Biggest Loser’ Season Premiere fr Tues, 9-20

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Cinema Static - TV News, Movie News and other Entertainment OpinionThe Biggest Loser opened its 12th season outside of Death Valley, CA, in El Mirage as the gang of new contestants are being shuttled to their first destination.

We meet the newest The Biggest Loser contestants during the bus rides, and then they get out of the bus and it drives off on them.  Then a Humvee pulls up with Alison Sweeney.

Alison then lines up the gang, in order of the numbers on their shirts.  These numbers are their ages.  Alison then splits them up into three groups.

Then military helicopters deliver Bob Harper and Anna Kournikova and Dolvett Quince.  This man is CUT!

The Biggest Loser season 12: Battle of the Ages

The Biggest Loser teams have to pick their trainers.  But they have to run a mile to get to the selection area.  The first two teams pick Bob, then Dolvett.  Leaving poor Anna with the 60-year-olds, or, the older team.  Anna runs out to meet them, then the rest of the gang run out to support them.  Cool scene.

This year, the marathon is back… and this time around, eliminated contestants can train and return for the marathon.  Who ever wins the marathon becomes an automatic finalist. Though, isn’t it usually a finalist-like contender who wins these any way?  Eh, still cool.

And the contestants get their taste of the first day of workouts on The Biggest Loser… and they were all so excited about this right up to about this point.  Then the reality of it all set in!

Bob got ’em crying.  Anna got one to go out the door, but then Anna talked him back.  (She can talk me back in the gym any day!)  Dolvett just looked like a good looking drill sergeant, driving home the point. (Did they paint his shirts on him?)

The first night, at 3:15 am, Becky’s dad died of congestive heart failure.  She had talked about it in her intro video.  It was a sad moment to see.  She headed to the gym and just hit up the walking machine, letting this event not cripple her emotionally, but use it as a motivation.  She left for a few days to deal with the details.

Becky returns and her motivations make Anna cry.  The contestants land a point!

Last chance workout is the usual traumatic experience on The Biggest Loser…  and then on to the weigh ins, where they’ll be weighing in by order of age…

Anna’s Blue team:  Johnny, lost 17 lbs, Bonnie: 4 lbs; Mike: 12 lbs; Debbie: 6 lbs.; Becky, despite her bad week, lost 10 lbs.

The blue team lost 3.58%

On Bob’s black team, the middle group, Joe weighed in, having lost 22 lbs; Antone: 32 lbs; Sunny lost 16 lbs; John lost 37 lbs!; Jennifer: 19 lbs;

The black team lost 6.82% of its own weight.

The red team, trained by Dolvet then weighed in.

Vinny lost 21 lbs; Ramon lost 17 lbs; (BTW:  I think Ramon has the best attitude in the group.  He’s very gung ho!);  Jessica lost 15 lbs; Patrick (“I cried at every workout”), made a great speech about how much work and still lose so little weight.  He lost …  crap, commerical*!…  he lost 20 lbs, and that took the red team up past Anna’s blue team.  Courtney 16;

The red team, overall, lost 5.26% of their body weight.

*The commercial was that great little Darth Vader Volkswagen commercial that first played during the Super Bowl.

It’s time to vote someone out from the blue team.  Anna’s team.  This brings to bear the question:  Why this team?  Is the 60+ team at a disadvantage because of their age?  Or is Anna’s training technique needing a more aggressive approach?  or both combined?

At the team conversation, Debbie didn’t endear herself to the team with some of the blunt things she said at the get-together.  At the vote, it was no surprise that it came down to Debbie and Bonnie, both having 2 votes.  Mike was the tie-breaker and votes for Debbie.

Debbie will be able to return to the show to compete in the marathon.  Remember, if she trains and wins, she can go to the finals of The Biggest Loser.

The update on Debbie showed her and reminded us she had started at 239 lbs and is now down to 215 lbs., but she’s feeling good and training for the marathon.  She wants to weigh 160 by the marathon.

We then get a preview of the upcoming season. We see a lot of  personal angst and team trauma is coming up on The Biggest Loser.  But then it starts to have a great catchy Lady Gaga song in the background.

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