The Bourne Legacy – So Why Didn’t I Go See It?

by on August 10, 2012

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The Bourne Legacy movie reviewsFor most of the last few weeks I had been getting pretty excited about The Bourne Legacy. I love the franchise and I truly enjoy Jeremy Renner‘s renditions of action heroes. But I thought I would wait and see what critics had to say about this newest chapter of the Bourne franchise.

To be honest, maybe I made a good call. Instead, I went home and caught up on the sleep I lost all week while staying up to watch the 2012 summer Olympics.

Critics had some interesting things to say and generally speaking, Movie Review Intelligence (MRI) has the movie rated at 62% of the reviews were positive while Rotten Tomatoes (RT) had it at 51%.

Various critics were tossing out things like the action scenes were weak, too lengthy or had weak finishes. They were also long and drawn out. There were other constructive criticism’s about the directorial prowess

Critics were saying this HAD to have you familiar with the third film for the first part to make any sense.

And other issues were noted that had me wondering enough to skip it on opening day. Though two critics I trust that have a mind towards the fan and not the realm of critics themselves, gave it good reviews.

Side note: Of course reading movie reviews gave up details I had no clue about, since everyone has to describe opening situations. I find it interesting that reviewers seem convinced they don’t spoil movies… but it’s an interesting pickle reviewers are in.

So was not seeing The Bourne Legacy a good call?

As we all know critics come at a movie from a different perspective while the majority of movie fans are more connoisseurs of fine popcorn. So when all is said and done, the box office report will be the true metric or measuring stick of what kind of fun this movie really is.

Seventy percent of the audience over at RT liked the movie and after almost 3k votes, the IMDb user has scored it at an astounding 8.1.

So it looks like I goofed. I believed the general critic despite knowing better and ignored the critics I trust.

So now the trick is, when will I see it? Who knows. I can make my Fridays available for new releases. I see the movies with you, so I’ll have to figure out if I can work it in or if I’ll be seeing it when it comes to my VoD.

I’m bummed I didn’tThe Bourne Legacy, but then again, I did catch up on my Olympic deprived sleep!



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