The Brand of Tony Stark’s “NEW” Bracelets He Wore In THE AVENGERS

by on May 30, 2012

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Here’s something I came across that can be categorized as interesting, that came out of The Avengers movie…

Iron Man, Hawkeye and Hulk in THE AVENGERS

In the third act of Joss Whedon‘s movie, The Avengers, we see Tony Stark’s (Robert Downey Jr.) newly inspired armor design get put to use, since Tony was so hard on the previous version of his armor in the front half of the movie.

Seriously? Good thing Stark is rich! He goes through a lot of armors!

In case you live in a cave (or the countries of Japan and Georgia where it hasn’t opened yet) and have not seen The Avengers yet, some spoilers are coming up below. The movie opens in Georgia on May 31st and in Japan on August 17th. (And you wonder why people go nuts about pirating movies in some countries!?)


Iron Man SPOILERS warning

As Tony Stark and Loki (Tom Hiddleston) are having the conversation that includes the head count of who’s in the Avengers team, Tony is seen slyly putting on two bracelets.

These bracelets are actually created by the company called Colantotte are called the “MAGTITAN NEO LEGEND” bands.

In the movie


Loki tosses Tony out the window but then Tony calls for JARVIS to send him his new suit and it goes rocketing past Loki, following Tony, who is in free-fall.

Tony spreads his arms and the box targets in on his new MAGTITAN NEO LEGEND bracelets and starts to wrap itself around his body, starting at his wrists and encases him once again in his Iron Man armor.

It’s a bit like the briefcase armor, but wayyyy better.


Tony Stark's Wrist Band by Collantotte

Turns out, if you’re rich enough you too can own your very own MAGTITAN NEO LEGEND bracelets!

No, not rich enough to buy an Iron Man armor, but you definitely need some serious play money to consider these bracelets!

Tony Stark's bracelet from THE AVENGERS

They’re distributed by Colantotte and they do look pretty cool.

And it turns out that these little goodies are magnetic bracelets, which is the latest craze in personal health maintenance. But then again, for $200 a pop, I think I’ll be sticking to vitamins and staying away from high-fat foods for now.

On the bright side, “Each Limited Edition Magtitan NEO Legend comes in a special limited edition package commemorating Marvel’s The Avengers movie.”

But if the plain old silver-looking model doesn’t cut it for you, they do have an “Electronic Light & Sound Iron Man Power Band Kids” that costs $25!

= Braclet Order Pg kid’s IM bracelet

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