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by on January 6, 2013

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The Butterfly Effect movie review

I just caught the 2004 movie called The Butterfly Effect and had to write up this movie review. It stars Ashton Kutcher, Amy Smart, Elden Henson, William Lee Scott and a fleeting bit of time with a surprise look from Kevin Durand.

The Butterfly Effect, is what you expect it to be, a movie about a man afflicted with the ability to travel through time.

If you’ve never heard of this Butterfly Effect, the first time I ever heard about the premise was as a child in a story about how time travel was a tourist experience to the era of the dinosaurs. Everyone was warned not to step off the paths. But someone does, stepping on a butterfly in the process. When they return to the present, apparently stepping on the butterfly had grave ramifications. There’s a new president and social structure in the society they returned to.

In this movie, the tale of time travel is handled well by screenplay writer/director Eric Bress (Kyle XY).

The story starts out with Evan (Kutcher) scrambling to hide under a desk while writing a note. We then go back to a 7-year-old Evan. Evan has issues. Black outs to be exact, as he does things but does not remember doing them. As time goes on, we then visit Evan at 13, and then when he’s 20.

Ashton Kutcher in 2004's The Butterfly EffectThe theme is simple enough. Once you learn you can travel through time, would you go back to fix things? And if you did, what one little thing would you do, and how many people, including yourself, would this one little thing change?

In The Butterfly Effect, we see this question explored in a creative and smart fashion that’s engaging to see.

At first, the acting feels a bit cardboardish, but you get over it pretty quickly as the story moves forward, details are developed and the movie picks up.

I’m surprised I’ve not seen this older movie before, but I was fully entertained by The Butterfly Effect and it was refreshing to see Kutcher in a serious role. It’s a shame he doesn’t do more serious roles. I enjoyed him in this role.

And the complications from his tampering, I think, are well done!

Fellow movie fans over in IMDb gave this movie a 7.7/10. A worthy vote score indeed for The Butterfly Effect. If you like movies dealing with the implications of time travel, I think you would fully enjoy this movie.

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Peter Cawdron January 6, 2013 at 3:09 pm

Hey, thanks for the review. I’d given this movie a wide-berth, but sounds like it’s worth a look.

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