‘The Cabin in the Woods’ Review/Recap SPOILER CONVERSATION

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'The Cabin in the Woods' review/recap (SPOILERS)

If you DO NOT want to see any spoilers about the Joss Whedon produced and Drew Goddard directed movie, The Cabin in the Woods, skedaddle and go check out my non-spoiler review of Cabin in the Woods, see the movie, and if you remember, come on back!

Otherwise, proceed at a perilous pace into this spoiler-filled conversation about the movie.



You’ve been warned…


From day one they’ve said that Cabin in the Woods brings a completely new twist to the premise of the horror genre movie. And it definitely did.

The Cabin in the Woods starts out with a couple of office peers (Bradley Whitford, Richard Jenkins and Amy Acker) chatting away about their home life and office politics. We then visit with the kids who are going on a road trip to a cabin up in the mountains… Chris Hemsworth, Jesse Williams, Anna Hutchison, Fran Kranz and Kristen Connolly.

As they hop in their motormen, we see that the office folks have been tracking them for sometime… and then we discover that the office is an

[spoiler]international corporation… a worldwide entity[/spoiler]!

At this point, I’m totally immersed in the premise of discovering just what this office is. I’ve been baited!

Our campers arrive at the cabin and we discover the cabin is the top floor of a multi-level underground structure and the office is beneath the cabin, controlling various functions in the cabin.

The cabin is a rat trap, designed to eliminate those who have been guided to this destination and in one of the many twists, our hapless campers actually end up picking their own ill-fated demise through their own actions, as they end up choosing what kind of horror will come to get them.

Mean while, downstairs, there’s a huge office pool going on, with money being bet as to what fate our sacrifices will pick.

This dynamic between our hapless victims and the underground lab complex is pretty entertaining in and of itself. All the while, we’re teased with bits and pieces of clues as to exactly why, or how long, this particular business of sacrificing hapless victims has been going on. The story was fun and the marketing for the movie, telling me how there’s a twist we don’t expect, kept me on the edge of my seat, looking for more than what I was seeing, waiting for those surprises. And I have to admit, the premises were refreshing and thus, entertaining.

The deaths are controlled or coerced and everyone in the party is supposed to die in a particular order to appease the cause. Remember, there’s an entire international organization devoted to this mystery cause.

But there’s a problem, because not everyone dies in the exact order they’re supposed to. Apparently Marty doesn’t die like everyone thought.

[spoiler]And because of Marty surviving, the welfare of the Earth is at stake.[/spoiler]

Yep, aside from multiple little twists, the cabin is one of many locations around the world designed to kill hapless victims, or as we learn, sacrifices.

The premise is mind-blowing and the fact that Sigourney Weaver is actually the director of the American location is also a mind-blower, since we’ve not seen hide nor hair of that detail! (Honest!!! I kept hearing the voice in the loudspeakers in the background thinking, dang, that voice seems familiar!)

An additional mind-blower is when we see the underground complex that Marty manages to break into, we see that this international company has stockpiled a huge number of mythical monsters in glass cells underground. Ready for use. I loved this Thirteen Ghosts feel here.

But things go horribly wrong, thanks to Marty, and that’s all I’m saying!

The comments here are open season to say what you want about the movie, but I’ve left a few stones unturned for your enjoyment of the movie experience… though I must say, the end moment of the movie seemed a almost a bit too grand and I would have liked to have seen something a bit tamer to end the movie, but what the heck, all in all…

The Cabin in the Woods is incredibly entertaining for what it is, no matter how many plot holes you think you saw.

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