The Cape – A Perspective of a Review

by on January 9, 2011

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Despite being a genre fan, The Cape doesn’t ignite my imagination. It gives me everything I need at a quick glance/pace and doesn’t let me engage my imagination. It’s like flipping pages in a comic book. That’s that.

The following aren’t detailed notes, but could possibly be considered spoilers if you DVR’d The Cape for later viewing.

David Lyons in The Cape

The Cape premiered on NBC Sunday night, January 9th and moves to Mondays on January 17th. The premiere hit us fast and hard. The first 30 minutes fed us so much information that it dared to not be boring, but may have given us so much so quickly that it could have felt like a kaleidoscope of quick and quirky plot lines.

We meet Vince Faraday, played by David Lyons, who is the last good cop in this fictional city. We see his family life, his being set up, his being adopted by a circus of criminals. We then see his motivation for wanting to be a superhero and then his training under the auspices of various team members of the circus. His main trainer being Max Malini (Keith David), the leader of this ragged band of performers.

Summer Glau in The Cape

By the forty-minute mark, The Cape was facing his first… bad guy, the scaly skinned, larger than life cretin known as Scales (Vinnie Jones). In the process he meets Orwell, a do-gooder blogger played by Summer Glau. It takes her less then two… no, maybe three minutes to agree to work with Vince… I mean The Cape. Orwell runs a high-tech computer center to keep track of things. This blogger has total control over a lot of things.

While he’s sorting out his meeting with Orwell, Vince gets a call and we find out that the main bad guy, Chess who is played by James Frain, has kidnapped Max. I blinked so I miss how they snagged Max.

This is how the pace of the show went. They didn’t want to drag the story out too slow but still tried to mix it up with quirky scripts, dramatic millisecond moments and some interspersed bits of action.

Between the over-the-top bad guys and the good guys who are, well, carnival characters, this show took me right back to the days of when I used to watch the 1960’s Batman series that starred Adam West. As a kid I ate it up but looking back, well, it was all we had, right?

I don’t think this show will last… it doesn’t spark my imagination. It does all the work for me and feeds me story very quickly. I don’t feel like I’m involved or engaged.

With that said, don’t think I dislike it. It just feels off to me. Like the show doesn’t know what kind of identity to project to the audience. I suspect that no matter what night they air the show, it won’t pan out. People need some form of mental engagement to follow a show and this one doesn’t do that.

So has anyone else watched The Cape? Did it confuse you too? Or did it hit the right spot with your TV expectations?

Next Morning UPDATE (11-0110): The show averaged 8.4 million viewers for this premiere… I’m expecting that number to drop substantially over the weeks, but I could be surprised! [The Cape Overnight Ratings]

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