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by on December 19, 2010

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Lena Headey in The Cave

The Syfy Channel aired the 2005 movie called The  Cave.  It cost an estimated $30 million to make and only raked in just under $15M worldwide in theaters.  Oops.  But now it’s on the Syfy Channel and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing!

The Cave starts out having us watch a scene unfold thirty years prior when a landslide traps an expedition team under a rock church in the Carpathians.  Present day, a scientific expedition exploring the myths of the Templar Knights rediscover the cave under the church.

The set up is pretty decent and as the team finds something down a long, two-mile cave, the first victim… um, event happens, followed by a cave-in that traps the team in this deep cave.  Now, the only way out is not the way they came.

The Cave is fairly predictable, the build to seeing the monster wasn’t anything new and the first dozen glimpes or so could have been held back for a little while longer because it didn’t take too long to start getting suspicious snippets.

Cole Hauser in The Cave

If there is a draw to the movie, it’s the cast.  If you’re a fan of any of the cast noted below, then you’ll be fine and enjoy your favorite actor’s performance as they make the movie better than it really is.  I found Lena Headey fun to watch and to hear her native accent.  It was also a kick to see how Daniel Dae Kim was in the movie but as a second-tier actor.  The Cave was made as Lost was just starting to gain traction on ABC, so he didn’t have a huge recognition factor then… like he does now from that and Hawaii Five-0.  Though how the Syfy Channel pitched the movie and called out the man that was only in about 30 to 40% of the scenes.  It was humorous to watch the show and keep wondering if his character was killed off or not and then poof, there he was!  That’s seriously 2nd tier considering everyone is stuck in the confines of a cavern.  LOL.

Looking at the cast, the ensemble takes “6 degrees of separation” in TV to the extreme!  Check it out:

  • Lena Headey:  Game of Thrones, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.
  • Piper Perabo:      Covert Affairs.
  • Daniel Dae Kim: Hawaii Five-0, Lost.
  • Cole Hauser:  Chase, K-Ville.
  • Morris Chestnut:  V.
  • Eddie Cibrian:  Chase, CSI: Miami, Ugly Betty, Invasion, Third Watch.

The Cave is not bad, it’s just not great.  It’s predictable and somewhat unmemorable but if nothing else is on and you really need the TV on or enjoy anyone from the cast, this will do in a pinch.

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