‘The Celebrity Apprentice’ Season Finale and 2011 Winner

by on May 23, 2011

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The season finale of The Celebrity Apprentice kicked it in gear with a bit of a recap and Donald Trump firing two people pretty early in the episode. Those two were the two guys unrolling the “red carpet” out in front of Trump as he was walking into the set. They ran out about 15 feet short. He fired them.

Marlee Matlin and John Rich were facing off against each other in a retro schemed and themed 7-Up commercial competition for The Celebrity Apprentice.  Check out these “exclusive” images taken by this Cinema Static photographer of the retro products that were already out in the stores four days prior to this episode airing.

The episode started out with Matlin having some contractual issues with Geoffrey Holder, and Rich wanted to make sure things were the way he wanted them to be with Def Leppard‘s performance.  But these little roadblocks weren’t too big.

For the live show, Richard Hatch wasn’t there because he is in jail for past issues. When Trump asked Cassidy about Hatch, I think he tried to be funny and snarky but instead it came out a bit vindictive.  Trump tried to stir up more stuff but it didn’t ignite.

Marlee’s program went well… attendee’s were all welcomed to the event, the ad they aired seemed OK, but the floor show with the Harlem Globe Trotters looked to go well.

John Rich’s program started up and first thing noticed was that no one was greeted at the door. The ad seemed a bit flat, but with Dee Snider’s appearance, it jazzed the audience.  But when John started the show… Def Leppard didn’t show because they started the show 15 minutes too early. The silence was deafening, Trump is shown, saying “unbelievable.”

Rich snagged himself a guitar and covered the time-gap with some original content as the opening act for Def Leppard. the mini-concert seemed to go well.

Later we see more crazy with the past contenders collected on stage.  NeNe explained that when she bailed from the show, she said she did what was best for her and did not regret it. (No real explanation.) She said she also stands by everything she said during the season. Then Star Jones said Nene used the show as a platform to attack every black woman in the show.

And then the girls went at it again.. meanwhile, Latoya was giggling away at it.  Oh, and who could forget Gary Busey still pushing his Omaha Steaks kite idea.

The Boardroom wasn’t the usually charged energy. It was great actually. Each team was shown the other teams’ product.  Despite this not being a fund raising challenge, John Rich still managed to raise $275k for his charity.

As the two contenders faced off at the final table sessions, Trump asked the gang and it was pretty much a bunch of waffling… in a good way because everyone liked both of them.  They then showed a video of Marlee going to Africa and taking part in an event for her charity, The Starkey Hearing Foundation, and what it does for deaf children.

Then we saw John at his charity of choice, at St Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

Both videos were so incredibly touching. Then we saw a live performance with both.

And finally, after much posturing and excellent arguments by both, Donald Trump announced that the winner of the 2011 edition of The Celebrity Apprentice is John Rich!!! But Trump did something unique that he said he would, but did not expound on… he di not fire Marlee.

This was a good season.  The contestants, generally speaking, were great folks and the show topped the $3 million mark for donated monies to charity.


After Thought:

If you’re like myself and feel compelled, here are the links to the charities that Marleee Matlin and John Rich represented:



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Nicholas Nocera December 8, 2011 at 3:14 am

i am so happy for John Rich to have won he really deserved it and im sure this isnt the last time we will hear the the name John Rich for being a star and a great charity raiser.

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