The Craze Of The SPIDER-MAN Movie Announcement

by on February 12, 2015

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Since Sony and Marvel have announced that they’ve joined forces in allowing Spider-Man to appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the genre web is ablaze with articles with almost hourly updates, predictions and what not when it comes to Spider-Man.

So far, the very next morning after it was announced that Sony is letting Spider-Man into Captain America: Civil War, Disney/Marvel announced a slew of movie release date changes for several hero films. It was obvious that they had this planned out for if and or when it was allowed, but with the moving around of release dates, says that with Marvel now producing Spider-Man films, they’re making slots for the wall-crawler in their film schedule.

There also seems to be some consideration for future upcoming Sony licensed Marvel characters, and with Marvel being the driving force of future Spider-Man movies, I will be literally confused to see a GOOD Spider-Man movie story.

Please, No More Origins

> But let me warn you, if we see one more origins film for Peter Parker, I am going to scream. I mean, wait, for it… wait… wait… there!, he was bit bit a spider… again! But I will presume that Marvel won’t do that.

With all this news hitting the streets, we have seen that Andrew Garfield supposedly turned down continuing in the role. But that does not gel with other reports saying that the two studios want Spider-Man to exist in his high school days now, rather than as an adult. So bottom line is, who cares who we ‘guess’ should play Spider-Man.

I think Garfield was good in the role and yet having the wall-crawler in high school makes sense. It means they can hire young, and if Marvel or Sony don’t piss him off, he can actually be in more than three movies before getting his ass rebooted by Sony again.

Plus, if you swap out Garfield for someone new, Marvel must be thinking that they can distance their version of Peter Parker from the other screen icons people remember right now.

Will Spider-Man Be Better With Marvel?

With Marvel in the driver’s seat (producing), you would think that Spidey’s character will now improve, but there’s part of the press release that folks might be glossing over, or mayhaps, concern some:

“Sony Pictures will continue to finance, distribute, own and have final creative control of the Spider-Man films.”

Creative control. Anyone who knows anything about how Fox handled Joss Whedon’s three past television projects knows that “creative control” means they can still f*! it up, no matter what Marvel does.

Over the last few months we’ve been reading snippets here and there about how Sony wanted to reboot their take on the Parker universe so they can improve upon their mediocre product that has made it to film so far, hence, teaming up with and listening to Marvel/Disney IS their best direction to go with this character. And still having financial control keeps them in control of the rights they’ve bought from Marvel.

In fact, owning the rights to the character and having the originating source produce the character seems like a filthy, over-the-top, win-win for Sony. Like winning the lottery twice.

With that out of the way, I must ask myself… I wonder what Fox is thinking now that they have a totally new and tweaked origins movie of the Fantastic Four coming out?

spider-man coming to mcu - movie news

Can Spider-Man Keep Up With the Avengers?

In case you non-comic fans are wondering if Spider-Man can keep up with the Avengers or any other character in that group, think about this: He has been known to be fast enough to snag bullets out of the air with his webbing; that his webbing is strong enough to snag bullets out of the air and stop trains; he’s strong enough to lift a tank off the ground and by other estimates, he’s been seen lifting 15 tons.

So yea, he’s capable of holding his own in various situations. Don’t worry about poor little Peter Parker.

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