The CW Wants More Supernatural, If All Goes Well

by on August 1, 2010

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Supernatural had hit its stride in the 4th season and with the 5th season, culminated the outline of the story that Eric Kripke had envisioned. Kripke did something not too many TV writers get to experience, and that is to tell his entire story before getting canceled. In an odd sense of timing, Kripke stepped back from his executive producer chair and Sera Gamble is taking over. It’s as if he was truly done and did not want to dilute the story he just spent 5 years telling.

But Supernatural had it’s best season ever and it seemed that The CW Network wanted more to capitalize on the show’s success. You can’t blame them there. But with the momentum of season 5 coming into 6, The CW is already prepared to continue the show beyond the 6th season if things continue to pan out for Supernatural.

Supernatural’s Reboot

Sera GambleWith season 6, a few things are changing up. Dean has settled down, Sam has moved forward with hunting. The network also says that they’re going back to the format from the 1st season of Supernatural and will find themselves confronting new a threat each week instead of a overlaying story arc.

The Winchester boys are also about to discover that hunting is also on their mother’s side of the family.

I’m mixed about going back to their roots. No, not personally, but with the ratings. Last year with the themematic approach to the season having a solid story moving forward while being peppered with single-monster hunts, it delivered The CW their best season for the show. Why change something that worked?

It feels like a reboot of sorts. That’s more an observation and not a complaint. The other item I am worried about, as a fan, is that Supernatural is moving to Friday nights.

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