The Danger of Blind FACEBOOK Friend Requests

by on July 5, 2016

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Lately I’ve seen several friends put up Facebook posts that say not to accept friend requests from them because their profiles have been hacked. And more and more we’re seeing warnings about this very issue. It’s not a new practice to FB, but every now and then the warnings make the rounds and you or I eventually start to see a warning or two.

Additionally, with the advent of warnings, I do believe my profile is being targeted, though, so far, unsuccessfully.

Over the last few days I have had blind friend requests from people I don’t know or have never heard of…

Naomi Sakai,
Yuli Khansa,
Anthony Nyanzi,
Andrew Maddocks,

And a bunch more.

Why I think these are spam accounts is that they have very benign accounts or non-personal profiles with no personal posts and a lot of reposts of random crap. These accounts have a few pictures of several things that might qualify as something of a similar like to you, but they are not consistent in what they post, as far as subject matters go. They put out enough pics of different things. Heck, two of them had a random pic of a dog in their collection of 10 or 12 pics. That got my attention, but then, after looking around, there was nothing else in their accounts about the dog in the pic or other dog posts or pages or what not.

Additionally, not a single one had the usual self-edification posts or pics of family, family outings, food they’re eating, trips or holidays they’ve taken. Nor do they have any likes of any pages from their local or regional areas.

They are just very benign, boring and non-committed profiles. Or as I like to call them, SUSPICIOUS!

It’s bad enough to learn that the some “FB Only” friends are probably not “real friend” quality for your real life, but this crap is annoying. Examples of “FB Only” disappointments are folks I’ve recently unfriended with some extremely angry & insecure perspectives or they have their total racial “hate on” for anyone not American and unabashedly post it! I’m always shocked what some folks post in their feed.

Regardless, at times it is truly surprising sometimes how people turn out on FB, after you’ve “friended” them.

In avoiding getting caught up in suspicious scams, personally, I only friend people I know. People I’ve already chatted with via FB for one reason or another and we’ve had to friend each other to either help run each other’s pages or we need to communicate about a subject one or the other needs help with.

In case you don’t know, your Facebook friends have access to your profiles. Additionally, advertisers and games and other crap that your friends use, give those entities permission to access their profiles. And once these third parties have access to this person’s profile, they, by Facebook’s default, have access to your profile.

I know… it’s like you can take the most extreme caution possible with your own profile but if friend ‘x’ doesn’t do crap to secure their own profile, you are exposed to whatever they expose themselves to.

Me, I’m not giving out my profile info to anyone or anything out there that I don’t already know for one reason or another. This is one way in how profiles get hacked… by blind acceptance of friend requests.

So after taking a look at these requests, now-a-days Facebook allows you to delete friend requests.

It’s an option right next to their name. And if you’re pretty sure the friend request is a spam attempt, you can mark it spam. (AT least as of the date of this posting, you can.)

So when you hit “Delete Request,” after you hit delete request, FB gives you the option of declaring the friend request as SPAM.

And of course, I am not shy when it comes to marking suspicious crap as spam out there on FB.

And after looking over what I described about a few of these accounts that tried to friend me, and thus gain access to my and my friends profiles, well, I hope you can be more confident in whom you don’t accept requests from and whom you can mark as spam accounts now.

(This is a pure opinion piece, put together from things I’ve seen and read…)

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