The Dark Knight – A Cinema Static Movie Review/Reflection of Sorts

by on August 22, 2010

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Christian Bale as BATMAN in THE DARK KNIGHT

The Dark Knight is the 2nd chapter in the Batman franchise from the mind of Christopher Nolan. This movie became a phenom amongst the genre of superhero movies as far as box office metrics are concerned for multiple reasons that came together to create quite the film. In this chapter, the Batman (Christian Bale), the newly promoted Commissioner Gordon (Gary Oldman) and Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart) are all focused on one crazy man in a purple sports coat and crazy makeup who calls himself The Joker (Heath Ledger).

Again, Christopher Nolan brought to light his vision of what made the characters tick in this second chapter of Batman and created a compelling tale of criminal confrontation and personal sacrifices. This movie pushed the superhero genre to a higher level than the previous chapter and literally, forced any other studio’s hand into having to make quality superhero franchise movies, if they dare.

Christopher Noland and Aaron Eckhart on set of THE DARK KNIGHT

The Dark Knight wasn’t just a movie compiled with a sequenced set of action scenes. It had merit of human challenge on all levels. And Mr. Nolan takes a daring and refreshing approach by not making this chapter of the Batman an origins story of The Joker. He won me over as a fan by skipping The Joker’s origins and not wasting precious film time on something I was already aware of. Instead Christopher Nolan presents the Joker to us and uses his reasoning and motivations behind his actions as enough to dwarf the need for an origins story. I think he gives us, the movie goer, credit be saying you already know how the Joker comes about.

Heath Ledger as the Joker, in THE DARK KNIGHTSadly, Heath Ledger, who portrays the Joker, passed away before the movie was released. It’s sad because he will never know what he did for The Joker, for The Dark Knight and for the audience. Heath Ledger brought an entirely different approach to The Joker that transcended any logical reasoning and by his passing away, forced us to scrutinize his portrayal of the colorful madman. Ledger portrayed a criminal like no other. Crazy yet intelligent and still enough of a scrapper to take on Batman face to face. The Joker was an enigma of each particular mental state and he brought them together under one masterful representation of who The Joker ever was and ever could be. Heath Ledger seriously diminished any future actor’s chance of ever playing the role and not being compared to himself. He has set the bar so high that it’s rediculous. (That’s a good rediculous.)

Heath Ledger in Joker MakeupTo me, The Dark Knight was better than Batman Begins. That’s in part, due to Ledger and Nolan fleshing out The Joker’s motivations so well. But in my personal belief, it was Heath Ledger that helped bring the worldwide box office performance to the $1 billion mark. We had already heard how off-beat his version of The Joker was. But his passing away helped bring the superhero genre film into the limelight of movie goers worldwide because more then the genre fan wanted to see what Ledger did to this, one of his last characters. More so than what the film could have done by itself.

Aside from all the characters having purpose and motivation, we watched once again, what Nolan can do with a set of characters and circumstances, when given the chance. We watched The Joker, in his own way, systematically tear down the good Harvey Dent and turn him into an agent of anarchy. Face it, anarchy is what The Joker was about.

It’s also here that we see that The Joker, through his various actions, also causes Batman to have to go on the lamb. We watch as Commissioner Gordon and Batman agree that in order to preserve Harvey Dent’s image and keep his campaign against crime clean, (so no one gets released from jail) Batman does what he has to for the city, and takes the blame for any murders that Dent / Two-Face committed.

The movie ends with Batman on the run from the law, which I believe, will be the stepping stone into the third chapter of Nolan’s Batman franchise, presently being referred to as Batman 3.

It’s one thing to enjoy one of your favorite superhero’s brought to life. It’s one thing to be so thoroughly entertained by the exquisite detail that is paid attention to your favorite character. In fact, like in the first Iron Man movie from Favreau, it was a true character fan’s work of art to present everything so well to the movie goer that we were pleased as punch. We loved the character and the visual representation of the hero. In The Dark Knight, Nolan presented us the character and did what he tends to always do and creates such an intricate level of depth to the characters and the story and does it so simply that it transcends the premise of the franchise and creates a great movie to watch.

At least for me. Then again, I also don’t think I am alone in this opinion, considering the $1 billion box office tally The Dark Knight raked in.

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