‘The Dark Knight Rises’ – Ads, Easter Eggs, Superman and The Possible Source Material

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The Dark Knight Rises - Easter Egg and Story InspirationToday I’m venting about the amount of The Dark Knight Rises marketing, a potential Easter Egg within TDKR, and I question a curious Superman-looking logo and toss out conjecture on what Batman comic this movie could be partially based on! Read on, if you dare!

The Movie Marketing

The Dark Knight Rises is coming to town on July 20th and rather than the marketing slowing down as the theatrical release date gets closer, it’s building up with even more momentum than previous weeks. Every show I watch and every channel I tune into, The Dark Knight Rises is there waiting for me. Everywhere I tune in TDKR is staring back at me as we watch the same thing exploding, over, and over, and over and… well, you get the idea.

The last time I was hit with this much marketing was back with Sucker Punch.

NO, I am not comparing the two films. Just saying, if I didn’t know any better I’d think that tracking for the movie isn’t doing so well. I know the fan-base is having some issues with some of the promo material, but it’s a small percentage of what one could call the global base of fans. (It’s dependent on what website you might come across.)

To date, the studio has now released a huge, 50-page document of production notes. And we’ve seen three new promo art posters also come out this week. I have to wonder how much more we’re going to get hit with? I’m getting a bit over-saturated myself.

Easter Egg of sorts?

I mean this is old news, but if you’re a fan, I’d say to keep your eyes peeled for some Pittsburgh Steelers on the Gotham Rogues football team! Including coach Cowher! You might also recognize Heinz Field!

If their scenes aren’t cut, you can expect to catch Ben Roethlisberger, Hines Ward, Willie Colon, Maurkice Pouncey, Mike Wallace, Heath Miller, Aaron Smith, Ryan Clark, Troy Polamalu, James Farrior and Casey Hampton somewhere there abouts.

Superman in The Dark Knight Rises?

'The Dark Knight Rises' original promo art

It seems to be a ludicrous question and to be upfront about it, I seriously doubt we’ll have Superman show up in TDKR.

Historically, Christopher Nolan has made it clear that Bruce Wayne/Batman is the only vigilante in his films. No cross-overs. No guest spots from other help. It’s all him. But check out the debris under the tip of the wing on the left… let me blow that up for you:

'The Dark Knight Rises' original promo art with Superman symbol

Again, I doubt it, but with Nolan exec producing the newest Superman movie, Man of Steel, I have a little bug buzzing in my head that I can’t get rid of. I won’t go into the movie expecting it, but hey, it’s fun to surmise. And that logo looking thingy is driving me crazy!



What Batman Series Is The Dark Knight Rises Based on?

Bane (Tom Hardy) in 'The Dark Knight Rises'The inspirations for the previous Batman movie, The Dark Knight, came from multiple sources: Alan Moore’s The Killing Joke, Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns, and Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale’s Batman: The Long Halloween. So what I’m seeing in the upcoming movie is from one story I know of, but I’m sure the inspiration for Rises comes from more than one title.

But I think TDKR is partially based on or motivated by events in the Knightfall series. That series introduces Bane, it has Catwoman, it has a slew of bad guys Bane unleashes on Batman and it has one character that was to be Bruce’s replacement as Batman. but he goes too dark for Bruce’s taste. Except for the last piece of that puzzle, there are matches there for me.

Catwoman (Anne Hathaway) in 'The Dark Knight Rises'The trailers, teasers and clips seem to mimic interesting points from Knightfall. And the Knightfall series takes place just after the death of Superman storyline took place, way back then! Maybe that logo we see above symbolizes Superman falling and paying homage to the source material in a sort of way.

And it’s after the fall of his friend that Bruce Wayne tackles everything on his own, not wanting help, driving himself to exhaustion, making him open to his defeat at the hands of Bane.

I could be totally off here, but I think Bane is used, but not as the Bane we know but something slightly different. In Knightfall, Batman confronts Azrael (Jean-Paul) in the tunnels under the cave. Some of the teasers seem to point to Bane confronting Batman there.

OR… I’ve been totally misguided by the teasers. (To be honest, I hope I have been so the movie is fresher than I’m worried it won’t be.)


The production notes I noted earlier are over on the promo website, thedarkknightrises.com.


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