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by on January 21, 2011

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A bit earlier I was working on an article for the newest, third installment for Batman 3, titled The Dark Knight Rises. I was trying to capture some creative and original work to put up as a header image. The problem was that there were quite a few and I couldn’t decide. On the other hand, there were many that were immediately “voted off the island” at first glance. But still, there some nice stuff out there. The above piece is by rashad25 on deviantART. []

If you come here to Cinema Static often, you also may know that I like to hit up the website called Deviant Art for article headers for some movies. I like the originality, they do it better than I can and I like spreading the word/awareness for the artists. I’ve been doing this for quite some time here on Brusimm. I like this piece above. It’s a nice, gritty and realistic look at what becomes of Hugo Strange in the Batman comics, while the artist strives to keeping it real, so to speak. Much like Christopher Nolan attempts to do with his characters. [] We know that Hugo Strange will be in The Dark Knight Rises, played by … oh wait, Tom Hardy is playing Bane. Sorry… everyone jumped on board the Hardy/Strange momentum a few months ago… Do we know who’s playing Strange? I haven’t seen anything yet.

I like the range of details across these different images. From a simple logo suggesting something, to a more complicated image taking from previous ideas ingested with what could possibly be! I like the above image where you can see the shadow of the question mark covering the chest symbol. (Heck, do we even know if the Riddler is in The Dark Knight Rises? News says no… but I liked this simple, yet suggestive theme. []

The Dark Knight Rises movie poster fan art, by tsusketch

The above image is a great piece of modern art inspired work based around what could be a metal looking version of the chest symbol. And the words are kept to a minimum in this piece from tsu sketch. []

This piece slaps a real image, properly injected into a thematic, dark scene outlined with bats in the background. It addresses the man himself and theme behind the man. I also love how Batman is properly lit to show detail but yet, still almost too dark. This is by agustin09 on deviantART. []

This piece of late, has made the rounds and I left it for last… it’s from Shokxone Studios on deviantART and it tackles several themes in one fell swoop. We’re looking out maybe an office window with the bat logo broken out of it, while we’re watching Batman leaping to safety or to get away from the police, whose helicopters are in the air. This touches on the suggested theme from the closing of the previous Batman movie from Nolan, The Dark Knight, where he becomes a man on the run… while trying to protect the image and hard work of Harvey Dent’s. There are dark skies but what looks like light upon the city below… A nice piece of work that deserves having made the rounds. []

Just so you know, there is one thing I do to each poster, and that’s add the creator’s name in there. This way the proper attribution follows the image no matter where it goes.

It’s all great work. They capture the atmosphere, or the atmosphere that I feel Nolan intends for us to feel from this version of the franchise. If you notice a few of them have even taken care of the legal angles and added logos of the associated businesses with the distribution of The Dark Knight Rises. That, is attention to detail. I hope these works of art serve as some form of resume bits for potential employers to see for these folks! They deserve it. I hope you enjoyed this small collection of movie poster fan art from deviantART. I enjoyed putting it together and setting a new trend of collected fan art movie posters!

Larger versions are available. Click once on the smaller images above and then click again on the subsequent image that pops up, if it isn’t already the larger version.

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