‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Joins Mountain Dew and Dale Earnhardt Jr.?

by on June 12, 2012

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'The Dark Knight Rises' themed Dale Earnhardt Jr. No. 88 Chevy

Anyone who knows me knows I enjoy partaking in NASCAR and I’m of any movie that brings my comic book characters to life, like The Avengers, The Amazing Spider-Man and Batman, to say the least.  As in upcoming Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises.

With that being said, any NASCAR fan knows that with many genre tent-pole movies, the studios will come along and sponsor a car for a weekend or two at the races.  This means a movie-themed wrap/decal designed to represent!

These one or multi-race sponsorships get exposure for the movie with the NASCAR demographic and gives the movie more screen time exposure when the car that the sticker adorns is seen racing around the track.  And if they’re lucky, it will also be near the front of the pack!

'The Dark Knight Rises' Dale Earnhardt Jr Diet Dew car

In the past we’ve seen all of our favorite superheroes in all the different race series of NASCAR… we’ve seen Superman, Batman, The Joker, Ghost Rider, Transformers, Shrek and so many more characters on the cars.

Thus, it’s also cool to be a mufti-millionaire NASCAR Sprint Cup drive like Dale Earnhardt Jr., who is the most popular NASCAR driver, as voted by the fans, year in and year out.

Thus, it’s the perfect merger, between the popular movie character of Batman from The Dark Knight Rises, with Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s no. 88 Mountain Dew Sprint Cup Chevy.

'The Dark Knight Rises' diecast - Dale Earnhardt Jr's No. 88 Chevy(http://www.lionelnascarcollectables.com/Drivers/Dale-Earnhardt-Jr)

The car will be at the upcoming June 16th Michigan race, but I’m hoping the (show) car will later be on tour at the Sonoma, CA, road course race in a few weeks.  I have a journalistic assignment that will have me on site for the weekend!

Hence, the marketing machine continues and marches on for The Dark Knight Rises, which opens in theaters July 20th, 2012.  It will star Christian Bale, reprising the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman and Tom Hardy playing Bane, in Christopher Nolan’s final Batman movie that he’ll be directing.

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