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This is a spoiler chat for the Christopher Nolan directed Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises. You’ve come prepared and warned. You now know that I won’t be holding back, so no ‘plaints about having your movie spoiled!

If you’re looking for my movie review, check it out at The Dark Knight Rises movie review.

The Dark Knight Rises movie review

The Dark Knight Rises spoiler conversation

Christian Bale reprises his role as a broken Bruce Wayne/Batman in The Dark Knight Rises. He’s been hobbled up and using a cane. His doctors tell him he has no cartilage in his knees, concussive brain issues and the like. THIS is the reality of the costumed crime fighter like we’ve never seen and it drives home the realistic feel of the character and movie.

This story kept me guessing where it would go and yet, when I got there, I can now say wow, I guess I saw that coming. But to be honest, I could not have said that before the opening credits.

Nolan finished his franchise off with A BANG! And boy howdy, was it. And for Nolan to put this as his end-piece to his work, I think he ended his Dark Knight very nicely.

Bale did Bruce Wayne and he did him great. I’ve not been a huge, over the top fan of his Wayne, but it works well within this Nolan canvas.

To deal with serious medical side-affects and still jump right back into the game seemed like they cut A LOT out to connect the two, unless Wayne had still be training all the time. Though I did not get that impression.

Tom Hardy as Bane… I know the character has a mouth piece, but to NOT see the actor’s mouth moving took a little bit away from the close ups, but still, it was a different kind of Bane than what we’ve seen in the comics.

In The Dark Knight Rises, the mask delivers pain meds to keep him stable from the pain of a botched back surgery. I think that was a nice way to go rather than the comic gorilla that Bane could be,

Anne Hathaway as the sexy Selina Kyle, AKA, Catwoman worked for me, but it felt like she delivered an expected character.


Then to see that she was trying to start over and wipe her identity out from all computers in the world was a great twist. And even though she started out pretty greedy, she finally had that heart of gold to help Batman out near the end.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt played John Blake who was a very smart street cop. Smart enough to figure out that Bruce Wayne was Batman, even if we didn’t get a huge connector on that one.

And as the movie developed, I was getting a sense that he might have been donning the cape and cowl. He had unique fighting skills that even included the uncanny ability to hit someone with a ricocheting bullet.

But no, he did not don the cowl. But as the closing scenes finished out the movie, we find out that his birth name isn’t John, but rather, Robin.

I sort of liked that. Especially since he got fed up with the system and turned his badge in. He also located the bat cave and we were left with that, thinking he may very well carry on the mantle down the road. (Or prepare fans for the Warner Bros. reboot a few years down the road.)

Marion Cotillard played business woman Miranda Tate. HA!!! In my character rundown of The Dark Knight Rises, I touched on early rumors that said that Cotillard was going to play Talia Al Ghul, the daughter of Ras Al Ghul.

And we went through most of the movie and I was going to start thinking that it was just that, a rumor! But then she sticks that knife in Batman’s side and fesses her situation! Oh so sweet of a twist!

And the Talia/Bane mix was good… Despite some flubbing of words regarding Bane and the child escaping that prison in the ground, I thought it was a nice enough association.

Matthew Modine played the most spineless, politically motivated typical middle of the road cop I have ever seen. It was irritating and yet done well enough to annoy the living crap out of me.

Always looking for that big catch and trying not to take the big risks. I had no issue with his getting laid low in the movie.

When I first saw Christopher Judge, he was scowling that scowl all Stargate fans know and love. And for a split second, I could have sworn he had the gold seal on his forehead. LOL. But no, it was just that wicked scowl. And we DID NOT get enough of him. Bummer.

But it was nice to see him at least have a talking part.

When Bane and Batman faced off the first time, Bane had Catwoman deliver him, then he beat him to a pulp. And then he executed that classic back breaking scene. But I wasn’t sure he had really broken his back. I presumed it. It didn’t feel played up enough.

But then it took Bruce only a few months to recover, show back up (sneaking into a cut off city) and in what looks like the exact same fighting style, start to take Bane down. But then Catwoman showed up and blasts Bane away.

Game over dude. I would have liked to have seen Bane’s death scene last slightly longer than a BOOM!!! And I would have enjoyed a different tactic used by Batman.

And was it me, or did Catwoman get how to work the Batpod way too quickly? I mean if I started using a motorcycle whose wheels spun/rotated, I’m betting I wouldn’t execute such good maneuvers the first hour of riding it.

But it was cool to see the pod used more extensively than in The Dark Knight.

Is it me, or would 3000 cops trapped under a city actually manage to figure a way out before 5 months were up?

There were a bunch of other little flaws, but in the grand scheme of things, this was pulled off nicely. I think many of the flaws might have been the result of editing to get the movie length down.

Nope, no Superman in The Dark Knight Rises … either the logo on the promo art was a freaky coincidence or paying homage to the idea that the trailer for Man of Steel was going to be attached to the movie.

And I have to say, dropping those nuggets that the auto-pilot was broken throughout the movie set me up for the huge explosion where we thought Batman sacrificed himself.

But it motivated other deeds to take place that were nice story wrap ups.

All in all, it was a fun movie that did not feel like 164 minutes. At least for me. I think many gaps left in the film’s logic are possibly due to an assumption that Batman fans can fill in the gaps.

I didn’t touch on many other facets of The Dark Knight Rises here, but feel free to chime in. I’d love to hear what you folks thought or not!

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