The Dark Knight Rises – The Sadness That Marked The Opening Weekend

by on July 23, 2012

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'The Dark Knight Rises' - BatmanThe Dark Knight Rises has left its mark on society in so many ways that I think it’s hard to look at it with a single mindset. And yet, one thing overshadows the movie itself.

The obvious were the deeds of that demented boy-child who somehow went from some upstanding scholarly youth to a degenerate that should be tossed in a pit and forgotten. Why press outlets are putting his face in their articles is beyond me. He doesn’t deserve that kind of press… but it’s probably what he wanted. And he’s getting it.

And if a boy can buy 6k rounds of ammo over the postal service system and not flag some warning process… or have a voice mail that creeps out gun-range owners, well hell, this is all after the fact and moot. And now the media is swirling over the fact that they found a Batman mask in his booby-trapped apartment.

This child should not be given protective custody, but left to mingle in the general population of his prison. Hell, even fellow prisoners are looking to vent on the twerp.

With 12 innocent movie fans killed and 58 wounded, this brings to mind the questions of why. But the shooter is being stoic and not opening his mouth. So he’ll be no help. Might as well throw him in a pit! If we’re lucky, maybe he swallowed an exploding cell phone and be done with it.

Of course the conspiracy websites have pulled their heads out of their ***** long enough to toss out their usual noise of baseless conjectures. (I’m amazed how they use 3,000 words to say what 300 words could.)

I’m also a bit confused why a 6-year-old was at a midnight screening, but that’s a moot point that is now a sad statistic.

The media will connect this event with the movie, but this could have happened anywhere this sick f* had chosen to attack. And now that he’s in custody he has civil rights. And no, I don’t agree with some people having any rights.

Once you commit a grievous crime against another human, you should instantly forfeit yours and be done with it. And no, I’m not all that forgiving of people, depending on the situation.

As it stands, 12 people whose love of movies crossed paths with some a-hole and now their friends and families are suffering for it.

I am so sorry that the fates and futures of these people, along with the injured, had to cross paths with this p.o.s..

Every day we wake up, planning on carrying out our routine. Some days are regular days. Some days can be laced with the excitement of something new. And we never know when our fates will suddenly twist and turn into some spiral of twister terror or have our lifelines pull up short.

We need to stop and understand that we can be here one moment and the next, be gone. Hence, every now and then, you really need to stop and take note. Try to take a moment and appreciate what you have and the people that are in your life. You never know when you or they will have an unseen twist of fate like this Colorado shooting, a cancer diagnosis or even a simple traffic accident.

There are a lot of charity funds going up to help the victims families in this time of sadness. If you have hung around here enough, you know what I’m about to say because I’ve been saying it for almost a year now:

It only takes 1.

As in $1 to help out. If all my readers from today were to chime in with a buck, that’s a quick $5 to $10k right there. So if you don’t think a mere dollar would not be helpful, think again. I can never hurt!

In memory of the poor souls:

  • Alex Sullivan, 27
  • Alex Teves, 24
  • Alexander “AJ” Boik, 18
  • Gordon Cowden, 51
  • Jesse Childress, 29
  • Jessica Ghawi, 24
  • John Larimer, 27
  • Jonathan Blunk, 26
  • Matt McQuinn, 27
  • Micayla Medek, 23
  • Rebecca Wingo, 32
  • Veronica Moser-Sullivan, 6


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