The Death of a Child Can Be Avoided With A Simple Bicycle Helmet

by on June 4, 2012

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Bicycle Helmets - Not Pretty, But much saferOn and off I chat about what appears to me to be the more intelligent reason to wear a helmet while riding your bike.  It just makes a wee bit more sense some days.

If you’ve been around here for a while, you’ve seen me go on and on about Bicycle Helmet Safety and how

  • Helmets can reduce head injuries by 85%;
  • 91% of bicyclists killed did not have helmets on;
  • 75% of child fatalities could be averted by a helmet.

So you know the drill that I chat about around here.  I’m a bit of a helmet snob and rarely acknowledge riders I see around Menlo Park cruising amongst the cars without a helmet on.  And though I hate wearing them, I like living.  And though I hate how they look, I also consider the impact my potential death could have on my family and friends versus the impact my fashion sense and one minor impact of my perfect level of comfort can have.

And they’re one of the cheapest forms of life insurance I’ve ever seen! (Bicycle Helmets on Amazon)

This sickens me to say this, but this is something I heard about last week because it involves someone from my neice’s school:

Recently (last week, May 30th, 2012) a 12-year-old boy was riding his bike around his neighborhood without his helmet on when he toppled over and received what looked to be minor abrasions on his head.  I guess no thought anything about it.

Later at home, he complained about some pain and he fell asleep…  and sadly, never woke up.

(That is so horrible to write that I had to take a moment)

A relative took the boy to Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial, where he died sometime after 10 p.m. that night.

Honestly, I’ve spoken about the impact your own loss of life would have with your family and how selfish it is to not consider that.  But then again, something like that would not impact you directly if the worse happened because you’ll be gone and it’s not your issue.  (Yes, I’ve been ranted on with that excuse in the past.)  And sure, it’s evil that the government tries to “make you” wear a helmet.  Heaven forbid! (And don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you HAVE TO.  This is just information I feel passionate about sharing.)

But then it become a totally different and horrible scenario when your own child gets caught up in this situation and then the parents have to live with this for the rest of their lives.  It’s a sad and horrible lesson that can be learned by all involved… the family, friends, neighbors and this child’s school mates.

And it drives me crazy when I see families out without helmets or the kids have them and the parents don’t, because that too sends a message that when you’re not looking or the kids get older, it’s OK to not wear a helmet.

So please…  despite the fashion fopar, consider the alternative to not wearing a helmet.  It’s a small risk one takes when riding a bike, but there are some stupid people out there.  Sure, a helmet feels like auto insurance that you never use, but that one moment it’s needed, it will be there.  And all it can cost, is around $20! (See the Amazon link above just to see the prices.  I’d recommend having someone at a bike shop help you fit a helmet.)

(AND DON’T FORGET to buckle the damn straps!  A loose helmet will do just as little good as having no helmet.)

If you don’t wear a helmet, I am not telling you to do anything.  I just want you guys to be safe  and maybe think about it, consider the premise of your own safety and well being that might come from wearing a bicycle helmet.

That’s all.

(Thanks to Brusimm fan Amy for sending me the link.)

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