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by on September 21, 2010

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THE EVENT Laura Innes and Ian Anthony Dale, Jason Ritter, Bill Smitrovich, Blair Underwood, Laura Innes and Zeljko Ivanek

The Event season premiere from NBC confused me as the premiere episode came hurtling at me.  The marketing for the new TV series was superb and was in-line with the feel of the episode, and I presume, the series.  NBC has been doing its homework.  When you want to succeed, you model yourself after someone you respect, who is also successful.  While watching The Event, I couldn’t help thinking of Flash Forward and Lost.

There was an underlying event that was taking place in the present and yet we jumped around in time to develop some background for each character and situation.  But the time leaps weren’t consistent.  29 minutes, 3 weeks, 3 months or something like that and was nearly confusing.  I had to focus.  Hard.  It hurt!  They had 5 time jumps in the first 4 minutes I think!  But if you made it past the first half-hour, the 2nd half hour started to piece it all together.

For some reason, Sean Walker (Jason Ritter) seems to be the target of a conspiracy that kidnaps his girlfriend and attacks her family.  He looks like he’s trying to hijack an airliner… and somehow got a gun onboard an airliner in this day and age!  But he’s really trying to deter the pilot, his girlfriend’s father, from driving the airliner into the ground where the President, played by Blair Underwood, is located.

Yet the airliner disappears in a flash of light.  Great… it probably broke up and landed on an island!  Was that ‘The Event?’  While that was happening, President Martinez was meeting with Sophia Maguire (Laura Innes from ER).  She seems to be one of 90 something folks that are being detained by the U.S. in a secret Alaskan prison and I have the impression that these folks are aliens.  As in probably space aliens.  I could be wrong, but what little snippets and previews I’ve seen, that’s where NBC is taking me.

The cast is a wonderful collection of talent, from Sarah Roemer, Zeljko Ivanek (from Damages and True Blood), Clifton Collins Jr., Scott Patterson (Gilmore Girls), Bill Smitrovich (Hey Bill!!!) and many more!

It’s directed by Jeffrey Reiner (Friday Night Lights, Trauma) and written & created by Nick Wauters.

So NBC took notes from what worked on other popular TV series and seemed to apply it here.  The presentation was confusing but the core story behind all the flashbacks seemed interesting enough.  And then again, very pat in delivering clues and mysteries that fed the clues.  I think this show can bring it.  The presentation is powerful and pulls you in.  But they must have dropped  a bundle on the cast because the Syfy Channel-like CGI airliner effects were rather bland.

I’ll keep watching for now, but by god, if they try to torment me with nothing but questions unanswered and some smoke monster, I’m going to snap!

Oh, and when I thought it was like Flash Forward and Lost, the network has seemed to embrace viewers opinions and their new advertising for the series says that if ‘24‘ and Lost had a baby, it would be The Event.

We’ll see about that.

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jay May 18, 2011 at 7:51 pm

Great show! Has s great story line and keeps our family on the edge of our seats. please dont leave us hanging without an end!

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