“The Fall:” Book Two of del Toro’s ‘The Strain’ Trilogy – A Book Review

by on July 7, 2011

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The Fall: Book Two of the Strain Trilogy is written by Chuck Hogan and filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro. “The Strain” book series is about a vampire invasion of Humankind. But this invasion is not a local invasion like you might see in Mystic Falls in The CW’s The Vampire Diaries, or vampires coming out of their coffin/closet like HBO’s True Blood. No, this threat comes at all of humanity all at once in a well orchestrated attack with literally a full global impact on the human species. The stage is set that ranges from the halls of nuclear reactor sites to the tethered cast of astronauts.

“The Fall” literally picks up with “The Strain” left off. Though you might learn intrinsically important details about characters as the story develops, it does jump right into the action and yet it can stand on its own as something to read. Details and story pick up and you’re swept right along as the vampire attack has already commenced.

While they outwardly attack humanity, there are still sectors of the public that have no clue yet what’s happening. A small cover-up is going on that is financed by vampires and humans being tempted with the power of the vampire.

But the war isn’t just between mankind and vampires. There are also old-school and new-school vampires also at each others throats… no pun intended.

The story revolves around a band of vampire-fighting humans as they strive to squelch the inevitable, yet persist any way. It’s a hopeless struggle where yet, there is a bit of hope. The hope of an ancient text that could reveal the name of the one true vampire behind it all, can help stem the tide of what’s coming.


This second chapter is a great action piece set behind the first book which developed the plot. And in this book series, del Toro creates one of the most unique takes on what a vampire is. For me, it’s an very original look at what causes a vampire to be such. It’s an infection caused by a parasitic worm. A worm hungry for blood. And yet, though it destroys the person and leaves a hungry shell of a monster, there’s an instinct for the victim to return home and claim their family. An instinct that proves unsettling for a few of our characters.

In the first book we’re delivered the experience of the human victims as they get turned, what they’re feeling, what’s taking place. It makes for incredible reading.

In my review of the first book, I made note that though it was a 300 page paperback, it took 150 to describe and develop underlying story. In some cases, it was challenging to get through spots like taking 40 pages to describe the same solar eclipse as witnessed by several characters and such. But by mid-way, it was like the story was setting on a catapult, waiting to be launched.

In the 2nd book, the catapult was released already and you’re flying through mid-air as the story kicks it in gear shortly after the end of the first book. And the it’s a non-stop struggle to defend from the new vermin while looking to find their weaknesses and our main characters gather numerous unlikely allies in the fight against the evil that’s coming.

“The Fall” is an incredibly fun read and I’m looking forward to the third book.

As the trailer at their website say, in one week Manhattan will fall. In two weeks, the country. In two months, the world.

Oh, and BTW, these books made me a huge fan of Guillermo Del Toro. Just sayin’, it was that fun and the originality of the vampire concept was inspiring.

Guillermo Del Toro’s THE STRAIN A Book Review by Brusimm.; The Strain Trilogy.com

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