The Fighter starring Wahlberg and Bale, A Movie Review

by on January 30, 2011

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I finally hit up The Fighter in the movie theater and found myself wowed by various factors from this wonderful movie.

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I came into The Fighter, thinking it starred Mark Wahlberg, Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Melissa Leo and many more in this wonderfully engaging movie about boxer Micky Ward’s (Wahlberg) and his struggles that led him to winning the world light welterweight title. It’s directed by David O. Russell (Where the Wild Things Are, Three Kings) and the screenplay was written by Scott Silver (8 Mile), Paul Tamasy & Eric Johnson.

The story involved not just Ward achieving his goals to win the championship, but the troubles he needed to deal with getting there as he dealt with having his Mother, played by be Melissa Leo, as his business manager and his half-brother, Dicky Eklund (played by Christian Bale) as his boxing coach.

This boxing movie is interwoven wonderfully with the ordeals of family, business and relationship challenges that pulls you fully into the entire ordeal.

Earlier I said I came into this movie thinking Mark Wahlberg starred, but the crux of the movie revolved around Christian Bale’s character.

When I saw the first movie trailer for The Fighter, I didn’t recognize Mr. Bale until that last few seconds in it. His characterization of Dicky is incredible and the movie, for me, becomes more about Dicky’s ordeals than Micky’s achievements. He starts out in that supporting role but as the story develops, it becomes something about both brothers and then for me, it became all about Dicky and how he helps his brother get where he’s going. I have never seen Mr. Bale deliver a role like he did here.

The Fighter has been nominated 39 times for awards since it’s release and won 23 others. Of those 23 wins, Christian Bale won 11 of those awards for his achievement as the ‘Best Supporting Actor’ in the following awards organizations:

  • 2010 Austin Film Critics Association
  • 2010 Boston Society of Film Critics Awards
  • 2010 Chicago Film Critics Association Awards
  • 2010 Dallas-Fort Worth Film Critics Association Awards
  • 2010 Florida Film Critics Circle Awards
  • 2010 National Board of Review
  • 2011 Golden Globes
  • 2010 Phoenix Film Critics Society Awards
  • 2010 Washington DC Area Film Critics Association Awards
  • 2011 Kansas City Film Critics Circle Awards
  • 2011 Online Film Critics Society Awards

The Fighter has been nominated for 7 different statues, and yes, Mr. Bale is again nominated. If he does not win an Oscar statue for his portrayal of Dicky, I will be either stunned and/or disappointed by the process.

But don’t get me wrong. Like in any sport where the quarterback may shine, they can’t do it without one hell of a team behind them. And so too, does the entire ensemble of actors makes this film the success it is and they just help Mr. Bale deliver the very powerful, transformative role that tugs at the tears deep inside you. No… I didn’t. I’m just sayin’!

Wahlberg played to the emotional state of his role well, going from being dependent upon his family for his success to trying and meld both professional opportunities with the family he loves, to be part of his success.

Amy Adams shows up in his life as Charlene, that “MTV girl” and is the spark for change for both Micky and his family. You’ll get the quote if and or when you see the movie.

I do mean it, everyone is instrumental in this film.

But What Do I Really Think?

The Fighter is a powerful movie that makes you root for the star, feel terrible for the circumstances, root for the changes and cheer for the ending. It’s a great movie that will make you smile on the inside when all is said and done.

Go see it or rent it or just buy it if you’re a fan of any of the ensemble from the film! You won’t be disappointed.

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