The Firefly Fan Funded Revival Has Been Tempered & Where’s The Cast Now

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Summer Glau and Nathan Fillion, two stars from 'Firefly' Series from Joss Whedon

A few weeks back Nathan Fillion had made a statement that amounted to what I could only surmise as a inner-secret wish but not something serious, when he said if he won the lottery, he’d buy the rights to Firefly.  The idea of Nathan Fillion buying the Firefly rights is a pretty exciting prospect.  In what I anticipated, there were a few others that showed a supportive mode of thought, a few other Firefly alumni, in both the showrunner and cast side, added to the hopes by saying that they support such a thought.

Fans went nuts.  Firefly fans are diehard Browncoats and any shred of hope is something that fans hang onto.  That’s why when they hear of something developing, they grasp that hope with every once of strength and not let go.  In fact some charge forward, hoping against the odds, that if they push this little snowball down the hill, it will roll, pick up some speed, some size, and become an unstoppable force.

Firefly fans are some of the best, most dedicated fans I think I’ve ever seen and I don’t blame them.

One fan group immediately started collecting pledges (not cash) for donations that would facilitate Nathan Fillion not having to win the lottery, but rather, fund his very idea of his being able to buy the rights.  But alas, some facts started to come to light about this dream and things started to slow down a bit and they’ve stopped actively collecting pledges.

The first bit of fact was that the idea that 20th Century Fox would actually sell the rights seemed far-fetched at best.  Would you sell a cash cow?  OK, it might not be a cash cow, put it is some stream of income somewhere, as networks continue to pay for the rights to air Firefly and people continue to purchase the series on DVD, where ever that money may go!

Then there are the actors from the series.  Who can you envision returning to the show?  Every one of these fine, excellent cast members from the original series are productively employed, making any kind of revival a bit harder to coordinate.  NOT IMPOSSIBLE, just a bit more difficult to bring to realization.

I want to toss out one more thought and please don’t roast me for this:

We all love Firefly, that’s a given.  We want more…  it’s obvious.  But I always have wondered, if Fox television didn’t mis-market it or screw up the order of how the episodes aired, how long would it have gone on?  And if it did, how would things have changed in present day?

Would Joss Whedon still have made Dr. Horrible?  Would he be directing Marvel’s movie, The Avengers?  Would we be watching Nathan Fillion in Castle or Alan Tudyk in his various roles since then?  Or would the show have run so long as to get tiring?  I mean if you look at Buffy, though we loved the series, it did pan out in the ratings after a while and the general populace got tired of it.  I’m just saying.  (Yep, this is that ‘Butterfly Effect!’)

So though it’s not as awesome to have more than one season of a beloved TV series, what we do have so still so fresh and fun that when people who see it for the first time, they still want more.  That in and of itself is what I think will continue to keep Firefly alive for years to come!  Not to mention the absolutely wonderful movie that spawned from it, Serenity.

Below, as of this date, in IMDb, is where the cast from Firefly can be found, either on TV or the silver screen.

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Where Is The Firefly Cast Now?

Nathan Fillion:

The ruggedly handsome Mr. Fillion presently is in the TV series Castle, and his most recent work involves voicing the Green Lantern in Green Lantern: Emerald Knights; he filmed the movie Super and he voiced Gunnery Sgt. Buck in the video game Halo: Reach.  (WTH is that dang movie people???)

Alan Tudyk:

Alan TudykThe brilliant talent of Alan Tudyk is undeniable, and he’s been cast to join one of ABC’s newest comedy pilots titled Suburgatory.  He’s also voicing a character in the MTV Network produced Good Vibes & last year alone, he filmed the following, upcoming movies (all of which are in post-production):

  • Transformers: Dark of the Moon
  • Conception
  • Strange Frame: Love & Sax

He completed two other films that came out in 2010:

  • Beautiful Boy
  • Tucker & Dale vs Evil.

On TV, he worked in the following series in 2010:

  • Young Justice (animated voice work of Green Arrow)
  • Robot Chicken,
  • American Dad,
  • Glenn Martin DDS,
  • Batman: The Brave and the Bold (animated, as the Flash.)

He’s also voiced characters in the video game Halo 3: ODST back in ’09.  (Hey, wth is… oh, never mind, already asked that.)

As you can see, Alan Tudyk is on a fantastic fast track and is pretty busy, much like a “leaf on the wind!

Summer Glau:

Summer Glau is an enigma.  She can seem to land roles but then crap luck, crap writing or just crap crap happens.

Right now she has a movie in post-production called Knights of Badassdom, and has a movie coming out this year called The Legend of Hell’s Gate: An American Conspiracy.

In 2010 she voiced Supergirl in Superman/Batman: Apocalypse.

She’s been pretty busy on TV, with roles in Dollhouse in 2010 and The Cape this year.  And she’s made appearances in Chuck and the TV movie Deadly Honeymoon.

Gina Torres:

Nothing active at this moment, though last year she was busy with the movie Mr. Sophistication, voicing Superwoman in Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths and had work in five different TV series:

  • Transformers Prime animated series,
  • Huge,
  • The Boondocks,
  • The Vampire Diaries,
  • A Legal Mind.

She’s done voice work for the video games DC Universe Online.

Adam Baldwin:

Adam Baldwin has two movies coming out,

  • InSight &
  • The Assignment.

Plus he had an uncredited appearance in the fan-made film, Browncoats: Redemption.

He’s presently engaged in the TV series Chuck and did some voice work in the video games DC Universe Online & Mass Effect 2.

Jewel Staite:

Jewel Staite played Kaylee Frye in Firefly

Jewel Staite has been a busy, busy girl.   She’s in the ever-rumored Stargate: Extinction movie that may never see the light of production lights, and has 1 movie in pre-production called P5Ych.

She’s noted to be in a TV movie under production right now titled The Doomsday Scrolls, and in 2010 on TV she was in Call Me Mrs. Miracle, Warehouse 13 & the Syfy movie Mothman.


Sean Maher:

Mr. Maher was in three TV episodes in 2010…  Warehouse 13, the potentially ill-fated Human Target and The Mentalist.  Can someone get him a better agent and get his a** back into something please?

Morena Baccarin:

Her present and latest project is ABC’s ‘V.’  Um…  well that was easy.  Maybe she needs a better agent too?

Ron Glass:

Book's monster hair that scared the bejeezus out of River Tam

Mr. Glass made a TV appearance in the CSI:NY episode titled “The What End?”

He’s been in 2010’s Death at a Funeral and the 2011 animated film, Strange Frame: Love & Sax.

If this doesn’t say it all, I don’t know what does:

'Firefly', a Brief Life Burns Brightly


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