The First Predators Movie Reviews Are Out

by on July 6, 2010

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The first Predators movie reviews are out on the web and with them being the first, I thought I’d pass on the reflections they’ve had in their reviews of Robert Rodriguez’s Predators.

After looking them all over, I’ve not been deterred from seeing it and it’s possible I won’t be disappointed!

And they are all wonderfully, spoiler free!  If so inclined, check out my own Predators Movie Review that I just put up! [7-9-10]  It’s spoiler-free!

Over at Den of Geek, the Predators review is written by Ryan Lambie and it sounds like Predators is promising but not phenomenal as I was hoping.

His take was that the film was all too familiar in how it felt like sometimes you were watching updated scenes from the 1987 classic, but it was good enough to wipe our minds of the AVP aura that was left behind.  (For the record, I thought the first AVP was fun.  It brought two classics together and forced them to face off, much like the comic book has been doing for years.)

Ryan gives it a 3 out of 5 stars.

For more details of what would seem to be a complete, non-spoiler review with descriptive prose worthy of the best poet, check out Ryan’s [review of Predators]

Over on, they say that Brody is convincing and it’s one of the best sci-fi romps that they’ve seen in a while.  [Predators Film Review]

Martyn Conterio from FilmShaft [Filmshaft Predators Review] says that the Predators opening scenes starts the movie as it means to go on & the pace never lets up.

In Martyn’s reflection, he recognizes that it is, after all, a formulaic actioner with the aim to create a bona fide sequel & it doesn’t disappoint though in his words, “there’s nothing really out of place or try-hard about it.”

Martyn gave it 4 out of 5 stars.

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