THE FLASH, Season One Finale Was Eye Opening

by on May 20, 2015

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The Flash season 1 finale review

The first season finale of The Flash on The CW came at the fans with such an intensity of story that I kept double checking I was watching the same show, but sure enough, after establishing several character stories, after doing a few cross overs with Arrow, and showing us Barry Allen’s (Grant Gustin) journey to becoming the man we know today, the first season of The Flash created one heck of a story line and season ender that impressed me.

Let me explain:


The Wolverine warns about spoilers

During the first season of The Flash, we learned about the death of his mother, of his father being incarcerated for her death, and Barry’s life-long pursuit into finding the truth about her murder. Along the way we experienced a few bad guys that would give Barry the run for his money. We learned who Dr. Wells / Eobard Thawne (Tom Cavanagh) really was, what his mission truly is, and how and why things came to be.

We also saw the man who played The Flash back in the 1990 television series, play Barry’s father, Henry Allen (John Wesley Shipp). I thought that was pretty cool.

Along the way we were introduced to Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller), Gorilla Grodd and a bunch of other bad guys, as well as a few cross over episodes with Arrow, which added a wee bit of outside life to the story.

We were also introduced to Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panabaker) and the guy who wears the coolest tee-shirts, Cisco Ramon (Carlos Valdes).

But last night, the season finale surprised me in many ways.

First up was the premise that most of the episode was story and not action based. I found that to be an intelligent approach to a series based on an action comic hero, to actually have enough content of a plot to create a nearly hour-long (OK, 42 minute-long, sans ads) episode, that was wrapped up with a bit of action.

But oh, that bit of action was something else, and it paid out dividends.

The Reverse FlashIf you saw last night, you saw Dr. Wells tell Cisco the accelerator accident affected him, but he never mentioned that it also affected Caitlin. In the comics Cisco is known as Vibe, a man who could control or emit vibratory shock waves. In the comics, Caitlin becomes or is known as Killer Frost.

Any sharp eyed fans watching will see her in the wormhole travels that Barry took when he ran into the particle accelerator, where he saw a museum with his statue in front of it, that woman reaching out (Is Killer Frost?) and then there was that hat that fell out of the wormhole.

For those who aren’t familiar, that hat belongs to the first and original Flash, named Jay Garrick, a character from the 1940’s. I so wanted to see the wearer of that hat pop out and help Barry, but alas, that did not happen yet.

But what did happen was pretty shocking, because just as Dr. wells was about to kill off Barry, we hear a gun shot ring out, and it was none other than Eddie, killing himself, to save everyone, since “Wells” was a direct descendent of Eddie’s.

DID NOT see that coming.

Eddie was the big hero of the day. (Though if he kills himself, did that not just eliminate Wells from ever existing anyway? Eh, no worries. The show is too fun to worry about the nitty gritty, right? Then again, it could happen and we just experienced a season that may have never happened now, because of what Eddie did. Ug… time complexities.)

But then the wormhole that opened up, got a little out of control, did it not? And it threatened to consume the city, and more than likely, the world.

But Barry takes one for the team and tries to fix the wormhole by running at it. I mean, as they said, it’s like a cyclone, but just upside down, so why couldn’t Barry possibly be able to stop it?



Let’s take a look at a few things we that we heard and know up until this point in time in the show.

Eobard (Dr. Wells) said he created the accelerator accident to create Barry and incidentally, the other meta-humans, which technically, makes this world we just watched in season one, an alternate reality to that of the comics.

In bits and pieces dropped here and there, we also know that Cavanagh will still be a series regular in season two (told you there would be spoilers) and that the show will be addressing the multiverse, or multiple time lines, in the upcoming second season. (And we may not have seen the last of Eddie either. His body did get sucked up into the wormhole. Hey, it’s the comics. Who really ever dies?)

I think it is kind of early to be addressing time travel, but hey, so far, so good this season, right?

I loved how Barry had the ability to go back in time in last night’s season finale episode to save his mother, but his future self waved him off, and Barry understood. And he had to watch his mother die.

The entire episode was based on the team trying to decide if Barry should go back in time and save his mother. Any sci-fi or comic book fan knows that going back in time to alter a major event can be devastating to the subsequent time line, and thus, should never be attempted. (IE: The Butterfly Effect). Barry even said goodbye to everyone, knowing how what he was about to do would impact life as they know it. Not to mention the possible side-effect of possibly destroying the planet. Yet he was going to. Talk about incredibly selfish! But alas, his older self stopped him… and he got it.

And yet, season one may have only been an alternate reality. From our perspective, but regardless, it was a fun ride and it’s being done well.

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