The H3N2 DOG Virus Is Spreading

by on June 4, 2015

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USA Today is reporting that the H3N2 Dog Flu is making its way around the country. We already saw a thousand cases in Chicago, but now it is showing up in Alabama, California, Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Texas, and Wisconsin. Yea… it’s moving around pretty darn fast.

So far they do not believe it can be transferred to humans, but it is crazy that new estimates are saying that thousands of dogs have been infected with eight deaths associated with it.

It has a mortality rate of around 3%, is spread by nose to nose contact, and the symptoms include fever, cough, nasal discharge, lethargy and decreased appetite.

It is suspected that very young and old dogs are more susceptible. It has an incubation period of a few days, but the dogs can be contagious for a few weeks.

The most likely places of contraction include daycare centers, boarding facilities, dog parks and similarly dog collecting areas.


Sadly, dog owners need to consider taking precautions like not letting your dog meet other dogs and the like. Wash your hands after contacting other dogs, before touching your own dog, because we may not get it, but with bad timing, we could transfer it between pups.

Experts say…

“1. Don’t panic. This has happened before and is going on now in multiple species at the same time.

2. High-risk dogs, such as dogs that absolutely have to be boarded or go to doggy daycare, in epidemic areas (such as Chicago) should be vaccinated, despite a very low chance of cross-protection.

3. Avoid direct contact with sick dogs. Keep your dog on a leash in epidemic areas. Keep your high-risk (pets) at home in epidemic areas.”

{ USA Today }

This is a PDF file, to date, showing the various states and testing(results).

Here is an update on the bug itself (In PDF format) and a vaccine, which is still a few months out:

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