The Hangover Part II Bust Box Office Records – Are Critics Not In Touch with Audiences?

by on May 30, 2011

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This weekend, The Hangover Part II busted many box office records and Monday hasn’t even happened yet when I saw this news!

The Bradley Cooper starring movie has become the biggest live-action debuting comedy movie ever, (R-rated), pulling in $118 million since last Thursday.

[Kung Fu Panda 2 Movie Review from Cinema Static]

Combined with Kung Fu Panda 2, these movies have made this weekend the biggest Memorial Day weekend box office weekend, EVER.

This is an interesting development, considering that critics didn’t give The Hangover Part II a glowing collection of reviews.

The fact that yet again critics trashed another movie “dramatically” while the movie goes on and slams the box office, seems to say that critics are not considering the movie-going audience when they write up reviews. You, the movie-goer should be a very important part of how a critic considers a movie. At least that’s what I think.

If you take a look at Movie Review Intelligence, the movie barely broke even on good reviews, with “high-Brow Press” only having 30% of the reviews giving the movie a good nod.

Critics Are Critics, Because They’re Critics

Movie Reviews Reviewed

There is a reason critics are who they are… and why they do what they do. It is an industry where people need to work within the standards of being critics and need to be accepted within the ranks of such. So they write to each other in their prose.


When critics review Kung Fu Panda 2 and their write ups feel like it’s being compared on the same scale with Gone with the Wind, it feels like the movie-goer is not a part of the formula or reason the review was written. It sometimes feels like possible great “popcorn movies” get the short end of the stick on a reviewers scale. And we’ve seen this on and off with movies that get dumped on by critics and yet the public says, “Hey Mr. critic, we love the movie you hate!

That’s why I’ve always believed that there needs to be different scales to judge movies on… a “dramatic scale” and a “popcorn scale.” That’s all. Nothing Earth shattering, just something that feels more fair to different kinds of movies so that movie-goers can get a better feel for movies that have come out in theaters.

I’m not saying I may be the right or that I’m a movie reviewer for everyone. I’m a regular Joe who’s been told I “write like a NASCAR fan.” And that’s fine. I understand why that was said and so be it. But I’m also not someone who is paid to see movies. I’m not given free access to the movies in special screenings. I’m the guy that comes at it with the aspect that I just dropped some of my own money on this and I wonder if it’s worth it,and I let you know.

I’m just sayin’.

The Cinema Static movie review scales.

[TV Guide, Box Office Records, Movie Review Intelligence: The Hangover Part II. ]

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