‘The Hunger Games’ Third Best All Time At the Box Office

by on March 25, 2012

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Despite all the analysts predicting a big box office premiere weekend for The Hunger Games, some places still titled their reports as “Box Office Shocker,” and I’m not sure why.  We saw this coming.

The Hunger Games gave Lionsgate an estimated $155 million opening weekend this weekend at the U.S. box office, making it the third-best monetary debut of all time, and the best opening weekend ever for a movie outside of the summer movie season too.

Also as a movie that wasn’t a sequel, you, the movie-goer helped crank out the biggest opening for a nonsequel.  (Man, we just love creating categories to metric things into, don’t we?)

Worldwide, The Hunger Games pulled in an estimated $241M.

If you look around the web you’ll notice some sites stating the obvious… That the teen demographic propelled the movie to this status… but there were some grown-ups in the audience also!  In my early Friday morning screening, it was all adults in that all-too important demographic of 18-55… though there were only about 50 of us in this particular screening, which made it a bit more enjoyable.

{Brusimm hint:  Want to miss the huge crowds?  If you can muster it, hit up the earliest opening screening of a movie on a Friday morning!}

Gary Ross, director of The Hunger Games

And here’s an interesting tidbit… Fox News had their guys call this movie a telling of the dangers of big government.  Huh… I spent so much time enjoying the movie I didn’t quite catch onto that, but I can’t dismiss that particular perspective.


Just between you and me, there were other movies that premiered this weekend…  really!  There was Brake, Agent Vinod, The Trouble with Bliss and Gimme the Loot.  Yea.  But no one noticed and they didn’t even scratch the top-10 movie chart.

People did see other movies this weekend

21 Jump Street pulled in an additional $21M, The Lorax followed behind 21 with $13M more being added to its impressive gross coffers.

I noticed that John Carter still had a full complement of screenings still going on at my local movie theaters, and John Carter was the fourth best movie at the box office, adding an additional $5M to it’s $62M domestic gross.  (It’s pulled in $188M worldwide, but that’s way off from the estimated $250M budget that Disney dropped on the movie, not counting marketing costs.)

Here’s the top-10 list from the weekend, the numbers are in millions, and still estimates for the weekend.

Film NameDistributor NameWeekendGross
The Hunger GamesLionsgate155.0155.0
21 Jump StreetSony21.371.1
Dr. Seuss’ The LoraxUniversal13.1177.3
John CarterDisney5.062.3
Act Of ValorRelativity Media2.165.9
Project XWarner Bros.2.051.8
Thousand Words, AParamount1.914.9
October BabyIDP/Samuel Goldwyn Films1.71.7
Safe HouseUniversal1.4122.6
Journey 2: The Mysterious IslandWarner Bros.1.497.2

Resources for above info:

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