‘The Killing’ Season Premiere Review

by on April 1, 2012

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'The Killing' Season Premiere review

This is a review of the second season premiere of The Killing, on AMC TV, from Brusimm.

This article includes spoilers for time-shifted viewers…  so if you’re still waiting to see the premiere, bookmark, save on FB or what ever you do to mark a web page, then come back after you’ve see the show.  (Wow!  You will love it.)

Season one of The Killing ended in a swirl of developments, including the fact that the bridge camera photo that incriminated the councilman was faked.  And the huge developments just kept popping up in the premiere of season two.

Councilmen Richmond (Billy Campbell) was shot as he was being arrested for the murder of Rosie Larsen (Katie Findlay), and the photo doctoring seems to run deep within the Seattle PD.

The Killing - Mireille Enos

Now Sarah Linden (Mireille Enos) seems to be treading lightly and initially thinks her partner, now detective, Stephen Holder (Joel Kinnaman), was the dirty source.

Yet as the season premiere episode of The Killing proceeded onward, we learn that Holder was just a patsy being used, and he learns about what’s going down.

With enough footwork, Linden uncovers the truth and gets the charges against Richmond dropped.

The Killing - Joel Kinnaman

Holder and Linden are now back on the same side, but Linden doesn’t know it and is keeping her distance from Holder.


The season premiere of The Killing picked up exactly where it left off last season.  As I recall, fans were pretty ticked at the conclusion of season one when the murder of Rosie Larson was not solved.  Fans were expecting this case to be a singular season case… but it wasn’t.

Showrunners promised the case to be solved this season.

The Killing - Brent Sexton

And if tonight’s two-hour premiere on AMC was any indication of how this season of The Killing will be, the show is going to be a serious ass-kicker of a season.  Again, another excellent series from AMC.

As usual, twists and turns came at the viewers, keeping us on our toes and many new twists and turn presented, promises this second season to be as good, if not better than the first season.

A Brusimm Bonus Bit on The Killing Cast Members

If you love some of the cast in The Killing, here’s a few bits on where else you might catch them besides in this AMC TV series…

Mireille Enos can be seen in the two upcoming silver screen movies World War Z (Due 6-13) & The Gangster Squad (10-12).

Joel Kinnaman landed the lead role in the remake of RoboCop (Aug 2013), Snabba Cash II (8/12) & Lola Versus (4/12).

Billy Campbell has The Disappeared and a rumored project titled Breaking Code.  No release dates noted on either project.

[Additional info derived from IMDb]

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