THE LAST MAN ON EARTH: A Review of Sorts

by on March 2, 2015

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Will Forte in The Last Man on Earth review

If you mean to catch series premiere of The Last Man on Earth, and missed it, don’t worry. You did not miss much.

SPOILERS FOLLOW because it was the only way to review this show.

When I saw the ads, I thought to myself how can a single man, with nothing to do, carry a show for more than a few episodes? The answer is that he can’t. Not with the writing he was given.

The Last Man of Earth starts out with Phil Miller (Will Forte) driving all over the United States looking for survivors of some virus. In the process you can see that people conveniently died by pulling off all roads and freeways so he had it pretty easy driving the Class 1 RV he decided to operate.

He left signs all over saying that he will be in some town in Arizona.

Do you remember all the cute marketing snippets we’ve been seeing about the show over the last several weeks? Those were the funny spots of the entire first episode.

He talks to god every now and then, asking for a woman, but of course, there’s no answer.

Over time, he moves into a mansion, uses bottled water to flush toilets, then when he runs out of patience, cuts a hole in a diving board to sit on and do his duties. Another pool, he used to toss what trash he did not litter all over the floors of the mansion he was living in.

And to boot, he fills up a toy pool with alcohol and drinks himself into a constant state of depression.

Yep, that’s comedy at its best. Though there was a moment of hope when he had a flashback to his living days. But that lasted for barely a blurry moment.

Just as he was about to kill himself, he spots a campfire smoke trail and finds a woman. But not just any woman, but a completely controlling, idiotic rule-following woman.

Yes… this woman, Carol (Kristen Schaal), despite not one single more person on the planet apparently, insists that Phil stop at all stop signs, never parks in handicapped spaces, and once they decide that they will carry on the human species, she insists on being married first.

I think in the light of things, if all these contextual issues were presented differently, it could be funny. Instead, it delivered a drab countenance of struggling humor that has me wondering exactly why Fox even considered airing the show.

According to IMDB there will be three other characters in the story, but the show has bee somewhat ruined for me at this point in time and I am pulling it from my DVR schedule.

The premiere pulled in around 5.6 million viewers, but under 3 million were in the all important 18-49 year-old money spending demographic that advertisers care about.

If this show gets canned in a few weeks, I would not be surprised.

The only thing it has going for it is that there is no laugh track. Oh, and a scene where he was bowling ….


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