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The Last Survivors book review

The Last Survivors, written by T.W. Piperbrook and Bobby Adair is yet another post-apocalyptic tale told in the time after a great infection takes humanity and converts people to hungry, stinking, rotting human eaters.

But it’s been such a long time (300 years) since, that humanity has devolved beyond all technology as we live off the land and are back to brandishing swords.

Not only are we brandishing swords, but of the townships we know of, they are ruled by an iron hand of a religious fervor like you have never seen. It reminds me of when you watch the Hollywood propaganda machine when everyone says what a wonderful movie they just worked on and how wonderful everyone was to work with. It’s the company line to toe.

Last Survivors on Amazon

In The Last Survivors, no one goes against the word of the belief and that belief also propagates burning people at the stake or chopping their heads off if they are believed to be infected.

The story is a fun read, where we follow a few different parties or groups as they deal with a cleansing by pyre, and in one case, a mother’s desperate need to get her son out of the very town she’s come to love, because if doesn’t, they’ll kill them both.

It’s a fun and engaging read and Amazonian (Amazon) readers agree, with the book getting a ‘4.3 out of 5’ after 576 folks have chimed in, And the rest of the books have similar ratings.


And this does not reflect on the story told itself, but rather, my own personal reflections, I don’t like when we’re teased with the front end of a story and there’s no resolution at the end of the first book in a series.

There are five books in all (so far), and obviously, they’re entertaining considering the review scores, but I like having things wrapped up in each book. In this case, the mother and her son are still on the run after a fascinating development.

We JUST met two new characters near the end that could very well impact what we know about the infection.

And there are a few other developments or stories left completely dangling, with just about zero closure to any plot that was started in the book, with the intent, of course, of getting you to buy the other books in the series.

The thing is that I do not mind a single cliff-hanger, but when all the hooks are set and there is no resolution, well, In time, I may come back to this story/series, but my principals will guide me towards my next book.

But if you like book series, and near-medieval settings, with hungry humankind monsters, then I’d so go pick up a Kindle or whatever kind of version. It’s a fun read that will pull you out of your routines for a bit of time. And if you don’t have the flaw I have, then you’ll have several books to read for a longer period of time.

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