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by on April 21, 2011

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This is my product review of my initial purchase for the LG Kompressor Pet Care upright, bagless vacuum.

LG KOMPRESSOR Pet Care Upright VacuumLast weekend I hit up the Sears in Mountainview, CA.  They’re going away for a while and right now they’re having an everything must go sale… where prices are 10-30% off everything.  Don’t worry, the expensive stuff like flat screen TV’s and the practical gear is only 10% off right now.  But more to the point, I was there to get myself I new vacuum and I ended up with the LG Kompressor Pet Care upright.  It’s a bagless system and it’s going to be replacing my Kenmore HEPA upright.

I’ve had my Kenmore HEPA upright for nearly ten years and it’s done very well by me.  In fact it’s still doing pretty good but it is getting long in the tooth and being relegated to the garage for vacuuming out the cars.  So for the Sears Kenmore brand, I have a total 2-thumbs up score.

Choosing and Buying It

I hit up the Sears and saw my options for vacuums, and if anyone knows me, you know I just didn’t walk in and buy the prettiest looking or best word-pitched product on the shelve.  I saw what they had and then went off into the corner and looked at Consumer Reports product reviews of the various products offered.

I was curious about the Dyson vacuums with those orange balls but the reviews are not glowing for them and I’m not going to drop a chunk of change on something that reviewers are blithering all over themselves about.  Dysons are not cheap.

In Consumer Reports, they tell us that one of the best upright vacuums on the market is the

  • Hoover WindTunnel Anniversary Edition U6485-900  ($230)
  • Kenmore Intuition. ($250)

For Bagless uprights, it’s again Hoovers, followed by an LG KOMPRESSOR:

  • Hoover WindTunnel T-Series Rewind Bagless UH70120 ($130)
  • There’s also a Dyson $600 unit third on this list, the DC28 Animal.

Whenever I see a like-model of what I’m looking at, I get a fairly decent feeling about the product line itself.  So when I saw the KOMPRESSOR Pet Care LuV200R, and well, having pets, plus, it wasn’t sticker priced at $500, I gave it due consideration and snatched it up.  I also double checked website reviews on before jumping in and dropping just over $300 on the vacuum at this Sears sale..  Another little clue I sometimes use is if the item I’m looking at is the last of it’s product in the section, and it was.

The only real hazard to this purchase from a store that is going away is that if something goes wrong, I’m going to have to find another Sears or deal directly with the manufacturer.


Getting It Home

LG KOMPRESSOR Pet Care Upright Vacuum 01Assembly of the LG KOMPRESSOR Pet Care vacuum was effortless and a breeze.  The weight wasn’t too bad… considering I had to heft it to and out of the car, and yes, boxed, it fit into the trunk of the family Volkswagen Golf.

The hoses and tubes are clicked into place but also have magnetic holders.  Attachments for the hoses are also held on the vacuum.

As soon as it was constructed I charged in and cranked it up and was amazed at how much it picked up from the carpet, even though I had just vacuumed less than two days previous.  (Maybe my 10-year-old Kenmore was more long in the tooth than I thought.)

I have a few cats and a dog and the bagless system let me see what I did pick up and it was mostly dirt dust but you can see what else was picked up.

There’s no real drive system to help propel the system, but it’s manageable enough to not be too much of an issue unless you’re on the elderly side of things.  They say there is a drive system…  maybe I’ve been weakened from limping around recovering from my knee surgery.

It has multiple height settings… though swapping around the height doesn’t seem to have any apparent effects.

The power cord is retractable and as you pull it out to extend and plug it in, there are warning tape strips on the cord.  Yellow shows up letting you know you’re getting near the end of the cord and then there’s a red strip that I haven’t gone past.  There’s a retraction button near the top of the back of the vacuum.  My suggestion is to not let it whip in by itself.  That might hurt someone.  Just let it feed slowly, via your hand as you hold the button.  It’s nice to have a retractable power cord.

There’s also a handy little clip just below the top of the handle where you can clip in your power cord when it is extended for use.  Trust me, you’ll need it or you’ll be running over the cord.

There’s also two buttons on the handle.  The obvious power button, but there’s also a carpet/floor button.  When you press it, the brushes will stop spinning and you can hit the kitchen floor for whatever may ail the appearance of the floor.  (In our case, some dog hair here and there.)

Removing the bagless system container is really easy to do, as a press of a button releases the canister assembly, which has a handle of sorts to hold it.  WORD OF ADVICE:  As with any bagless systems, I’d suggest emptying outside and be upwind from it so you don’t find yourself dusted.  Or if not, try to hold it down in the trash can so the loose dust doesn’t, well, get loose!

It does have a HEPA filter in the air-flow process and the KOMPRESSOR part of the model name is a process that compresses the dust into a tighter ball and it can, per their admissions, hold more dust than other vacuums before needing to empty it.    But I don’t see the need to NOT empty it after each use.  It’s just less dusty dust to deal with when you do empty it.

Otherwise, so far, after a few runs, I’ve been pretty happy with my new metal-red LG KOMPRESSOR.  It almost looks like the hot-rod red that Tony Stark colored his Iron Man armor!

As things develop, I’ll add any additional articles for my LG KOMPRESSOR Pet Care Upright Bagless vacuum.  So far, so awesome.  Thanks for coming by Consumer Bits on Brusimm.  I hope this was a helpful little initial consumer usage product review!


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Bruce Simmons July 4, 2011 at 7:41 pm

Hey dep, can you be more specific on why it’s not meeting your expectations? I’ve been running the thing 2x a week since I bought it and it seems to be holding up pretty good for us. Thanks, -Bruce

dep1216 July 4, 2011 at 6:03 pm

SAVE YOUR MONEY…. this thing is trash!!!

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