The Olympic Goldmine for NBC and Those Pesky VoD Codes

by on August 1, 2012

in Entertainment

Olympics - London 2012Did you know that right now the 2012 Summer Olympics are averaging 31.6 million viewers in prime time? Yea, that’s why, if you think there are a lot of ads, well, it sure feels that way. But NBC has to get their advertiser’s monies worth. This, despite every sport and score and medal being reported throughout the day and taking NBC’s thunder away… fans still want to see it happen.

A Humorous Interlude

Now there’s one thing I am finding a bit confounding is the VoD that Comcast is offering up for the 2012 Olympics. I’d love to catch some of it, but the titles and descriptors seem to be in code.

W 3m Sync Final,

M A-A Final HLT


W Wieber D2

It takes a little digging around to figure out the shorthand, but it’s doable…. but for the billions they’re making in advertising, I’d love it if they spent a few extra dollars to actually spell it out a bit more!

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