The Open-Ended HOUSE Series Finale, Unexplained By Showrunners

by on May 24, 2012

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HOUSE series finale review - Hugh Laurie pictured

The series finale of House has come and gone.† For some it was a classic piece of House, leaving one confounded, while moving some other story line forward.† To some it seemed to have left a piece or two of confusion behind.

(There will obviously be spoilers in here if you are one of the many 7-day time-shifted viewing audience, so you may wish to avert your eyes while continuing to read.)


Now that I’ve confused you, let’s talk about a few details from the House finale, because at this point, it feels like David Shore is taking a page from Ronald D. Moore’s book of finales and pulling things out of the air a bit.

You’ll see what I mean.

For those that might skim, KNOW THIS: I didn’t mind the finale.† It was a sad thing indeed to see this as being the last episode.


My first nit was that when I saw it adverted as a two-hour finale, I thought we’d be dealing with and wrapping up story lines that have built up through the season.

That wasn’t the case at all.† The ep focused on only House.† And it was only one hour of story. The first hour focused on cast and crew and highlighted the team behind the team.

To be honest, though it didn’t touch on story, I thought it was one of the most awesome pieces of acknowledgement to the team in the background.



When the building was burning down, did we ever get why House was there?† Or how the fire started?

Supposedly how the fire started was alluded to.


Obviously House surviving the building collapse and subsequent explosion was standard Hollywood trickery.† I’m good with that, but it feels like a stretch when I see the statement on his survival:

“There are a few seconds between the collapse and the explosion. He narrowly got out the back.”

The hobble-meister, without his cane, narrowly escaped.† OK, if you say so.


Kutner’s gum on POTW’s shoe was just a joke to play on the viewing audience, having someone’s hallucination interact with the real world.

This is where I remind you to re-read my “know this” disclaimer near the top.


I don’t think it needed explaining really, when Foreman found House’s ID under his table leg.† When he started grinning, you know Foreman knew House was alive and well.



The showrunners spent a moment considering the idea of really killing off Gregory House.† It seemed to be something that would not have surprised this viewer.

But Shore said it was ixnayed because he wants the show to live on and it felt better to let him live.



Even though House lives on, I can’t help but wonder about his “wife” back home and what the events of his “death” did to her.† They had hope there.† But instead, House went in the standard House direction… the selfish one.

Plus, I can’t help but wonder that once he and Wilson are done with their road trip and Wilson passes away, then what?

If House is dead, House won’t have access to any of his money in any bank account?† How will he survive in the post-Wilson era?

And that’s when Shore says,

What do you picture House doing once Wilson is dead?:† I donít know. Thatís way down the road. And thatís not what it was about. The story is the story. And the story ends when the story ends.

Does that not remind BSG fans of the Starbuck ghost noise from that finale???

The above are my overly pragmatic perspective on the series finale of House…† sure, I may have thought too much on some aspects, but heck, that’s the fun of this piece.† Wondering about things I think you might also be wondering about too.† So I thought I’d toss them out there…

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