The Phantom movie on The Syfy Channel – A Review

by on June 21, 2010

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The TV movie, The Phantom, on the Syfy Channel finally premiered on Sunday, June 20th. I’ve been waiting for a while for this Canadian production since I chatted about it back in March (The Phantom Re-Imagining). This is a popular franchise to try and spark some life into. Many times, production companies have tried to propagate The Phantom, and they’ve never done it very well. This 4-hr movie event may have done a bit better, but I’m not sure they did it by much.

For me, it was a slow moving action movie, like watching turtles fight. (OK, that’s not fair. I’ve raised turtles and they can be pretty fast when they need to be!) That doesn’t mean it was really that bad, but this movie could have come in at 2 hours and told the same story. I think this slow moving pace is why the movie has a 6.1 out of 10 rating on IMDb. (

The Phantom on the Syfy Channel with Ryan Carnes

Ryan Carnes as The Phantom

It was the standard telling of the mythos of The Phantom, where the lost heir to the mantle of The Phantom is found, and he’s introduced to the history of the journey his family has embarked on, fighting evil and his training commences. It wasn’t until the 10 minute mark of the 3rd hour of the telecast that we see the main character, Kit Walker (Ryan Carnes) actually take his first act as the costumed vigilante. That’s how slow paced the movie moved at.

Kit Walker’s main (enemy) is the Singh Cult / Dynasty WHATEVER. Are they over the top? A bit… They’ve taken the old suit from the mythos and updated it with a bit of a powered-up tech suit to help him deal with bad guys. If you liked the original, you’ll probably hate this new costume. Me, I’m fine with it and never really liked the old suit.

The Phantom on the Syfy Channel with Ryan Carnes

I had a few nits to make about the show. He’s wearing a power-suit of sorts, and still had his hands full going hand-to-hand with some of the bad guys. The suit was bullet-proof, but dude, your face is out there, unprotected! And after one date, he found true love. Eh, that’s all possible, but when the show was moving as slow paced as it was, it was hard to just let some things go.

To be honest, though this was a 2-part mini-series, I don’t think they could have pulled this off airing it on different nights since the first 2 hours were all story and just about no action. Syfy HAD to air this in one night. I don’t think people would not have returned for a 2nd evening.

If you don’t mind slow moving stories peppered with some action, you’ll be just fine. If you like your stories more terse, quick to the point and want some decent, hero-based reciprocal action peppered in more often than not, your impatience will kick in and you might come away a bit disappointed.

The Phantom cast, next to Ryan Carnes, was Isabella Rossellini, Cameron Goodman & Sandrine Holt.

[Cinema Static on Brusimm says thanks to Beyond Hollywood for posting the photos from the movie.]

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Bruce Simmons December 20, 2013 at 9:32 pm

Valerie… come back!!! I found it on Amazon and put a link to it at the bottom of the article for you… It’s at an awesome price too. -Bruce

Valerie Williams December 20, 2013 at 8:53 pm

I loved the movie. I would buy it if I could. And I think Ryan Carnes was perfect! He’s not a “pretty boy” like you see way too much of these days. Rugged and handsome. This would make a fantastic TV series. How can I get a copy of it?

p johnson June 24, 2011 at 11:07 pm

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. I had not HIGH expectations. I watched it to purely take my mind off the day. I was sorry to hear there is no more. The suit was a bit cheesy but okay, it is fantasy of sorts. So they made a 2 part movie, called it a ‘mini series’ which is dumb, and stopped. They have all the input they could ask for. They need to proceed with more!! Please. I liked it. I gave it four stars. You want to rip it apart, well, you can do that with ANY movie these days. Just watch it with no super pedestal expectations, and it will be fine. More please. All the super heroes are coming back, Phantom should too.

P Johnson

PB Sterling June 22, 2010 at 11:24 am

I watch it and found it pathetic. Ryan Carnes as the phantom does not work – he is too small an actor. They needed to pick someone who is 6ft tall and ripped – a real bad ass. The movie was much to mushy. It needs to be much darker.

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