The Philedelphia Experiment on Syfy; A Review

by on July 28, 2012

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The Philadelphia Experiment on Syfy, A TV Review

The Philadelphia Experiment on Syfy started out with a guy showing off his newest technological achievement by making a co-worker’s car disappear in the lab.  But as the “Tesla’s” built up, the car disappeared.  But the energy from the experiment went a bit hay-wire and 12 miles away, The U.S.S. Eldridge appears out of nowhere in the middle of an airport.

A seaman on board the ship, touches the walls of the ship and finds himself outside the ship… and wander the town in August of 2012.  But this Navy officer is related to some locals (his granddaughter) and despite getting off the ship, is still connected to it.

Then we get civilians, the government and all kinds of folk involved.

But what was fun about this movie, was the cast.

The Philadelphia Experiment on Syfy was like a reunion of sorts for a few folk… mainly Emilie Ullerup and Ryan Robbins from Sanctuary.

But we also got a chance to watch Nicolas Lea (X-Files‘ Alex Krycek), Gina Holden (Life Unexpected, Harper’s Island), Malcolm McDowell (Franklin & Bash, The Artist & I just watched him on TV in Star Trek Generations. [He’s also got a boat load of projects in the works too]), John Reardon (Arctic Air), and Michael Paré, who was also in the 1984 movie of the same name.

To be honest, director Paul Ziller (Seeds of Destruction, Stonehenge Apocalypse [which came on after this movie]) pulled this cast together and did an OK job.  It wasn’t riveting, but for a Syfy Saturday Night movie, it was OK.

If you’re a fan of Emilie Ullerup, Nicholas Lea or Ryan Robbins, then this is the Syfy channel TV movie for you because they’re featured throughout.

Will The Philadelphia Experiment rock your world?  No.  But it’s entertaining enough to be a decent time-filler the next time you see it pop up on Syfy’s schedule.

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