The Priorities Of Humanity, Money and Priorities

by on May 7, 2015

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Bryan Cranston in Breaking Bad laundering money

In this day and age it is all about the dollar and not the human nature. Or is it the human nature that wins out when it comes to the almighty dollar? Either way, we have this incredible dichotomy going on that makes no sense but it will continue until one or the other loses out. My bet is the money will win.

In a time when cancer destroys lives and the fight needs money, it is an uphill battle. When teachers are struggling to make ends meet in the class room providing their own supplies, the world spends $10 billion on TV ads every season. When people are homeless and starving, we drop billions on political advertising.

Where’s the sanity in any of that?

But wait, let’s “one up” this. Let’s take two guys who spend time punching each other in the face for a few minutes (12 rounds), and pay them an absurd amount of money to do so.

Estimates are that Floyd Mayweather snagged just under $200 million to punch Manny Pacquiao in the face on Saturday night, while the little guy, Manny, made probably $100 million to get punched in the face over and over.

It’s been estimated that Mayweather earned himself nearly $5 million per minute in the fight.

OK, that’s it. Screw school. Screw learning anything. I wanna be a punching bag. For just one minute. I think I can take it. Just one minute. I hope I can take it… why not?

All joking aside, Mayweather has been called the highest paid athlete and it is a bit disappointing. If you’ve seen any interviews of the guy, he is seriously all about his bling, his umpteen number of cars, houses and watches and in the one interview that I saw him in, he can barely hold his own when using the English language.

Floyd Mayweather’s Net Worth has been estimated at around $330-400+ million, depending who you read. But even the low end of that estimate is crazy.

It’s a shame that the power of television and the people that watch it skews in the direction of such mindlessness. Humanity could easily solve any number of worldwide issues by throwing their attention and money at science and real causes to help humanity in its various struggles.

Yet between beer, cars, sexy products and mindless entertainment, this money funnels through the multi-billion dollar world of advertising. Advertising, where brands and companies pay people to learn how to trick you into buying things. The interesting part is that advertising works. If it did not, we would not have most of what we have on TV… reality TV, cop and doctor shows, sporting events where people beat and vent on each other, and what not.

Even this site was once dependent on that kind of advertising, but since I’ve toned it down over the years, so too has the advertising income. Go figure.

But that’s what we have, that’s what humanity can claim as their pinnacle of achievement: Reality TV and sports. And while we sit on the couch and drool like Homer Simpson, a mere .01 of 1% of our population struggles with budgets and science to help further our species. The rest of us are just along for the ride.




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