The PTC Seems Miffed About Howard Stern on America’s Got Talent

by on December 18, 2011

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Brusimm Cinema Static TV NewsIt would seem, that according to the PTC (Parents Television Council), that when Howard Stern takes over Piers Morgan’s seat on America’s Got Talent, it will be a bad move.

The PTC called Howard Stern‘s hiring “an act of desperation for a failing network.” and they go on to warn that NBC will lose advertising money. The PTC also went on to point out in their warning that Howard Stern is associated with profanity and obscenity.

Stern told Morgan in a conversation that his guess is that the PTC worries that he’ll convert Americans into zombie sex fiends.

To be honest, I get the PTC’s perspective, being that how Howard Stern was when he was on terrestrial radio back prior to 2004, or 7 years ago.

When he went to Sirius Satellite Radio, now SiriusXM, I was expecting him to get worse with his shenanigans, but instead, he toned down most of his programming. Sure, he has his moments on the satellite broadcaster, trust me, but he seems to have pulled in the crazy acts to specific times and not throughout his broadcasting hours.

In fact, the more I’ve listened to him, my opinion has improved immensely in how he approaches various subjects and such.

I’ve heard him say he’s not out to use the ‘f’ word to just use it.

And with Stern stepping up to judge America’s Got Talent, could be an interesting experience. If he does go off the deep end, if I’m not mistaken, he’ll have busy censors hovering over their buttons. Much like American Idol does with Tyler.

But I also get the impression that he really wants to take this new seat seriously and do his best to dispense his opinion on aspiring performers.

You can’t blame the PTC. Stern does have quite the track record of daring programming. Yet I think the PTC is being very knee-jerk to this development and they need to not hold grudges from the past. The past does not always equal the future. They need to wait and see, before they go off the moral handle.

Me, I think it will be interesting and I don’t think he’ll go the direction folks are thinking. I think he will be full of constructive criticism and it will be a rare moment when he slips a word or two on the studio audience.



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