The Reality of The SAN ANDREAS Popcorn Movie

by on May 28, 2015

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Dwayne Johnson in San Andreas movie(I bet the girls are saying “He can save me!”)

With San Andreas hitting theaters, it is amazing how there are articles out there now addressing how real or unreal the movie is. I hope it is just for entertainment value that they have to actually separate truth from this huge, popcorn action fiction starring Dwayne Johnson. I am a betting man that none of my readers need to be told any of this, but…

Dr. Lucy Jones (USGS Seismologist) was invited to the premiere and she had a blast tweeting during or about the movie… check it out because as she nit picks the movie apart, she is still educating as she goes, and dispenses great info…

Newport-Inglewood is part of San Andreas system. Its stressed by plate tectonics. Fracking doesn’t make normal EQs disappear

Anyone who believes that the gravitational pull of Venus has more impact than that of the moon isn’t listening to science.

First big howler. San Andreas the movie pretends that California has a subduction zone. We can only have a M8.2

If seismologists could actually predict EQs, we’d all be much richer. Too bad that part of San Andreas isn’t real…

First big safety message- if the shaking is bad enough to damage a dam you won’t be able to run

The predictions aren’t real but EQ triggering is real. A California EQ M7.3 in 1992 triggered a M5.7 in Nevada the next day

(I’ve always said that when a big hits on one side of the planet, we’ll see other activity within the week on the other side. I first noticed this after the Northridge quake. -Bruce)

Now people fall trying to run but they run anyway. I guess only the seismologists know Drop Cover Hold On

We expect serious damage to 1 in every 16 buildings in a real San Andreas EQ. The movie damage over the top.

Another good tidbit. Landlines work when cellphones are out because of no electricity

Great emotional message – not knowing if your family is ok is hard. Do you have a family communication plan?

OMG! A chasm? If the fault could open up, there’d be no friction. With no friction, there’d be no earthquake

Recognizing water draw down as sign of tsunami is good. However tsunami from San Andreas is impossible. Now we are in fantasy territory

Bottom line: don’t learn seismology from #SanAndreas but maybe it will inspire people to take Community Emergency Response Training

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