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by on December 15, 2011

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Fear Factor w Joe Rogan

One of the original reality-like TV shows, Fear Factor, returned to NBC after a 6-year hiatus, which is somewhat unheard of in the annals of television. Unless your scheduled lineup is hurting and they need a comfortable, familiar success.

I used to enjoy Fear Factor back in the day and on a side note, I used to drive by the storage yard in Santa Clarita where they kept those clunky, yellow cars, and it was a surreal visual to see piles of yellow ‘fear factor‘ cars in the lot. Literally, piles.

But the show has returned and that’s cool. And yet, I’m worried.

The network broadcast return of Fear Factor pulled in just under 9 million estimated viewers, and that’s not a bad number for an old show. In fact, it bounced out Fox’s Terra Nova, and at least for this first premiere night, put NBC second in the overnight ratings for Monday night.

People seemed to like the idea of this old show returning.

But the show is just that, the old show.

Fear Factor w Joe Rogan and Bigger Explosions

Sure, they are now dropping bucks on bigger explosions that are shown a rampant number of times, and there seemed to be more stunts involving helicopters, and of course, the gross eating aspects of the game show.


Personally, I’d rather see the contestants eat dead things, not living things. (Only because heck, we’re watching the suffering of little living things.) Sure, what we see is nothing different from what other, foreign cultures eat. They pointed that out back when the series was airing 6 years ago. But still… ug, it’s a tough pill to swallow, to watch that! (Really, that was no pun.)

And the other part of my “But…”

Fear Factor is exactly the same as it was before, with even the closing lines for the winners. Except that maybe Joe Rogan seemed a bit less energetic than I remember, but he had his fun taking shots at some of the nuances of the competitors. Especially that son/mom duo who seemed overtly touchy/huggy.

(BTW, the mom, Monica, expressed her frustration at how the footage was edited and aired to support the humor angle that Rogan took with the two… and Rogan did have a great line:

“I hug my mom every time I see her … but then I let go.”)

Fear Factor at Castaic Lake

To be honest, I am happy to see the show return. But with any reincarnation of any TV show, there’s usually something that’s changed up when something makes a new splash… but there was nothing. It was the very same, and for those who know the territory, Fear Factor was back at the very same locales for their stunts also.

I don’t have a problem with that. A tried and true formula from a past success is what drives remakes and reimagined entertainment projects.

But I worry that the crowd tuning in might not see this and get tired of the return of one of the original reality TV shows faster than viewers normally do?

I guess, as always, time will tell and we’ll see what comes of the return of Fear Factor! Will it be just a filler for the season, or is it here to stay for a few more years?

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