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'Survivor South Pacific' reality tv show

Coach vs. Ozzy has been the battle of the veterans in this season of Survivor: South Pacific.

The season finale started out recapping their arrival on the island and the reception the veterans received. Oddly, Coach was dissed and Ozzy embraced. And there was that Hantz character, Brandon Hantz. Despite his saying he wanted to distance himself from his famous uncle, Russell Hantz.

Tonight on the season finale of Survivor: South Pacific, we’ve watched the recap, watching Ozzy out on Redemption Island taking people out, one at a time, while Coach seemed to be manipulating the path of the game on the main island.

Tonight, we’re down to just a few Survivors. And oddly, Ozzy seemed more sure of himself to the point of being arrogant this year.

And of course, last week, Brandon made this bone-headed move and gave up his immunity necklace to Albert, and Albert wouldn’t give it back. Brandon was sent to Redemption Island to face Ozzy.

Back at Redemption Island, the duel was on between Ozzy and Brandon, and the challenge was hanging on to a small post. First one to fall, is out of the game. And as the contest went on, it seemed that Brandon had this game. Yet after more than 40 minutes of gripping a thin pole, Brandon finally slipped off. Through a lot of it, it seemed like Ozzy was somewhat shaky. But Ozzy still managed to win the duel.

Now, Ozzy wass back in the game, and it was down to five Survivors and it’s once again, Coach versus Ozzy.

The first Immunity Challenge required the Survivors to build a stack of cards while holding on to a rope and keeping a balancing board level. The cards were on the balancing board. An interesting challenge indeed!

Sophie didn’t manage her tiles, and ran out halfway up to the goal of the prescribed height.

At one point Sophie kept commanding Albert to drop his stack and help her, but Jeff Probst reminded them this is an individual challenge. And this was one of the most dramatic challenges I’ve ever seen, as one player would get close to the top, then drop their stack of tile-like cards. This happened a few times, but in the end, Ozzy dominated yet again, barely beating out Coach. Sophie was miffed.

After the challenge, it would seem that everyone thinks Coach Wade is taking them all to the final three while Ozzy is trying to play up the insecurities of within the group.

Tribal Council: Ozzy has the immunity necklace, Coach had the hidden immunity and said he’ll play it.

Rick, Sophie or Albert was headed out the door… Ozzy called out Sophie about her attitude on the island. Then Sophie went into a tear-filled fest of excuses and such… Jeff warned her that she needed to either keep going or shut up so she doesn’t become a victim of her own tirade.

Coach faked them out and did not play his hidden immunity island and Rick found himself voted out.

It’s down to Ozzy, Albert, Coach and Sophie.

It’s day 38 of Survivor: South Pacific. The final immunity challenge of the season was an obstacle course to collect puzzle peices, and then construct a puzzle and win immunity.

The course seemed to favor Ozzy since he’s nimble like a monkey. Ozzy finished collecting puzzle pieces first and started working on the puzzle, while Coach came up behind Ozzy with his fifth bag. It’s a nutty and dramatic challenge, yet again.

CBS saved the best challenges for the last episode of the season finale. And suddenly, Sophie showed up much later than Ozzy did and she started cranking out puzzle pieces as she caught up to the two boys.

It’s a trippy puzzle, that’s for sure. And this puzzle undid Ozzy’s shot at immunity and Sophie won the challenge and immunity.

Final Tribal Council of Survivor: South Pacific and there was Sophie, looking pleased as punch with herself. It’s at this point of the season finale that I was duped, because as they were showing Sophie, then the jury, the jury looked upset.

Ozzy had tried to play up his role to Coach… and Coach “looks” like he’s considering Ozzy’s words. Crap, Albert just used a NASCAR/Jeff Gordon analogy! Does this mean I have to like Albert???

Votes for this final tribal council saw Ozzy voted out of the council… No surprise. And he went out somewhat gracefully.

It’s Coach, Albert and Sophie to the final meet, the chance to convince the jury why they should vote for them.

Albert pretty much just said thanks…

Sophie thinks she held her own in challenges and explained why she thought she did well in the game.

Coach explained he had an uphill battle coming into the game and explained his level of respect that he played the game with.

Ozzy started off the questioning… and said no one wants to vote for anyone there. He gave Coach the credit for the veteran making it to the end.

Rick called Coach on claiming that he played with honor and asked him what he has to say for himself… Coach only said “I apologize.”

Almost every answer Sophie gave, her voice was breaking, and I swear it seemed like the crocodile tears wanted out. It could have been nerves.

– – –

Ozzy seemed not so gracious during the jury questioning and such… but in the end, remember, that in Survivor, it’s about being outplayed and outwitted and outlasting the other Survivors.

We then found ourselves in Los Angeles for the live vote. It’s always amazing how much different everyone looks after they’ve had real food and bedding! Sophie looked almost the same, Coach, close to the same and Albert looked rather different.

The votes went like this…

  • Coach (1),
  • Sophie (1),
  • Coach (2),
  • Sophie (2),
  • Coach (3),
  • Sophie (3),
  • Sophie (4),
  • Sophie (5)…

Sophie Clarke won Survivor: South Pacific.

And as the recap of the season finale of Survivor: South Pacific goes, Ozzy won the $100k bonus prize of being the fan-favorite and won it by the biggest margin of any Survivor contestant to date!

SO the question remains… do you think the right person of the last three players, won this season of Survivor?

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