‘The Secret Circle’ Season Premiere on The CW

by on September 17, 2011

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Cinema Static - TV News, Movie News and other Entertainment news and opinionThe Secret Circle is a new show on The CW starring Brittany Robertson (Life Unexpected) as Cassie Blake…  apparently a witch but she doesn’t know it.  Well, at least didn’t until about half-way into the season premiere (& series premiere) of The Secret Circle.


The season premiere of The Secret Circle started off pretty strong with Cassie’s mother being murdered by a stern and creepy looking man using magic to burn her mom’s house down.  It was a pretty strong start for a brand new series.  It got my attention.

Later Cassie moves to Chance Harbor, Washington and starts her life anew moving in with her grandmother.  She meets other kids in the high school who are part of a circle, a circle of witches it turns out.

This circle of witches need to bind with Cassie because with her in town, all their powers have increased and binding will help them to control it.  Of course there’s one or two that are not on board.  But in the background, as the kids have been tinkering with their parents, there are other agendas going on amongst the adults in town.  It’s a town full of witchery and treachery!

Amongst the cast is also Thomas Dekker (Sarah Connor Chronicles) and Phoebe Tonkin (Home and AwayNatasha Henstridge is also part of the cast as the school principle.

Of course, as the youthful witches need to bind with Cassie, she doesn’t really want much to do with this new scenario.  She needs to adapt.

The Secret Circle is yet another teen filled drama based on the supernatural genre of witches.  For a new series premiere, the character interactions felt a wee bit more natural than some other shows I’ve seen.  There were a few quirky scenes that defied logical build up, but they weren’t too many and the show seems to have some great potential to fill the Thursday night supernatural slot on The CW, as it follows up The Vampire Diaries.

These two shows, with Diaries being the lead-in, may do well together as a team.  I suspect the genre fan-base may very well accept this new show full of pretty and handsome witches… they better. The entire town seems to be filled with them.

The Secret Circle opened with a TV ratings of a 2.3 rating/4 share.

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